Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scaring Us to Death

It seems like not a week goes by without some outfit or another trying to scare us to death with a “study.’” Those “studies” always “require more investigation” and their press releases are riddled with “mights,” “maybes,” and “possiblies;” but no definite, absolute statements, because they usually can’t offer any. But they’re couched in such a way as to scare us. The most recent (at this writing) is yet another “cell phones can cause cancer” scare. They can’t prove anything, of course, but they released the report, anyway. That’s how they control us.

MAKING YOUR OWN DECISIONS: That is the most important thing you’re going to be voting for in the next election. It’s not about Obama; it’s not about him spending more money than there IS, or moving us ever closer to socialism, or trying to take over as much of the private sector as he can; it’s about slowly, but surely eroding your right to make your own decisions without having to ask PERMISSION of a nameless, faceless bureaucrat to do things NOBODY should be able to stop you from doing.

GREAT COMPARISON: In the comments section for the Doonesbury comic strip, Sandfan said this: “We don’t need a class of useless, parasitic, self aggrandizing, power seeking nobility. We have Congress.” How true, how true. Members of Congress won’t even READ the bills they vote into law and thus allow the president way too much power; thus, they’re useless.

BANNING PRAYER: In Medina Valley, Texas, a judge has banned praying, the use of the words, “amen,” and “prayer” at the graduation ceremonies. How STUPID is this judge? You can pray within yourself if you wish. There needs to be no outward indication that you’re praying. But if I were at this graduation ceremony, I would be SURE to use the words, “prayer” and “amen,” loudly and defy them to do anything about it. I’m not big on organized religion, but I think that’s one of the things that caused us to create the United states of America—the right to ANY religion we wish to have, and the right to express it.

PALIN WAS RIGHT: Liberals were wrong. Paul Revere DID “warn the British” the Americans were waiting for them when they captured him. He admitted it himself. Will the liberal Palin-haters apologize? Not a chance. They’ll never even acknowledge that they criticized her wrongly, let alone apologize. I say that because of long experience with their ways.

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