Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Civilian Casualties?"

That’s a term used often by Islamic terrorists, but you can count on the fact it’s a lie. This is one of their basic scams. Since they wear no uniforms, it’s easy for them to con our gullible liberals into believing that a cadre of soldiers in civilian garb are “civilian casualties” when we ferret out their nefarious schemes and kill them before they can carry them out.

“DISCREDITING OBAMA?” The way liberals think continues to amaze me.I recently was privy to it again recently when a commenter to a COMIC STRIP said, “The debt ceiling didn’t matter under Reagan, Bush 41 or 43, but now, in order to discredit Obama it is priority 1.” I wonder why. Maybe it’s because he didn’t try to spend us into bankruptcy as fast as possible. Maybe because raising it was not NECESSARY under them. Maybe it’s because Obama HAS already spent us into bankruptcy. It’s the DEMOCRATS who want to raise it. Gawd, what FOOLS these liberals be!

SARAH JUST CAN’T WIN: When she brought her Autistic child with her on one of her “road trips,” the liberals criticized her. This time she left the child at home, and the liberals criticize her for it. She just can’t win! She’s “damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.” When are the liberals going to learn all this criticism is a SIGNAL to the right that she’s the one they want to run for president? That the left is sorely frightened of her with good reason? That she can “mop the floor” with Obama? Gawd, how STUPID these liberal fools be!

REP LANDRY REFUSES A LECTURE: Rep. Landry (R-La.) refused to attend Obama’s “lecture” on how HIS policies are better than Landry’s own party’s policies. He recognized that it was simply a “dog and pony show” and had better things to do, so he said, “No thanks.” Sounds like my kind of politician.

CONSERVATIVES CAN’T WORK IN HOLLYWOOD: Unless they were already big before they “came out” as conservatives. There isn’t a big “list” in Hollywood as to who is liberal or conservative, but since more Hollywood bigwigs ARE liberal than not, they will “investigate” anybody they hire to do ANYTHING, to find out if they actually ARE liberal, BEFORE they hire them.

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