Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Obama Legacy

His is going to be the administration whose policies reduced this nation from the most economically successful one in the history of the world, to one whose economy became the “poster boy” for failure all over the world. Meanwhile, he will be the heroes of the socialists and communists for “bringing America to its knees” and making this country into “Soviet America” if he's allowed to continue for another term.

LEAPING TO SHOW HIS IGNORANCE: Richard Gere said that Obama may become known as one of our “great presidents.” What HOLE has he been living in? Does he not know that Obama has made some of the WORST decisions in known history? That Obama has helped this country move from the most economically successful to one that is “going down fast? How is it Gere either doesn’t know these things, or is ignorant of their results? Or doesn't care? Maybe he's too ignorant to know what it all means?

WEINER SEEKS ADVICE: In the wake of his sex scandal, Anthony Weiner seeks advice from somebody who has been there—wait for it—Bill and Hilary Clinton. How is this going to help him? I’d hate to be his wife, who has only been thus for a short time—unless they’re BOTH swingers and she agrees with his “sexcapades.”

CLEARLY NOT THATCHER: An unnamed Thatcher “spokesman” said there is “no way” former Prime Minister will see Sarah Palin because she thinks Sarah is a “nut case.” This is so clearly NOT Lady Thatcher that it really doesn’t need to be said. It’s not her. Even if she THOUGHT that, she would not say it. She has too much class. Obviously, her so-called “spokesman” doesn’t.

STILL FRIGHTENED OF PALIN: Liberals AND some conservatives are “piling on” Sarah Palin, not because they’re afraid she can’t win, but because they’re afraid she CAN. Liberals because they know she can “mop the floor” with Obama, and the conservatives because she can beat THEIR favorite candidates and she has proven that she goes her own way—not the way the party bosses wish her to. Even now she has the press corps following her around drooling as she goes about her bus tour. She’s getting more press out of this than if she had given them a detailed itinerary including her we-wee stops.

SHE’S NOT DESTROYED: Sarah Palin has NOT been “destroyed” by the press. Only the liberals and their dupes think so. They’ve thrown everything, including the kitchen sink at her and she can STILL draw a bigger crowd than Obama ever hoped to draw. I’ll vote for her, and I know many others who will, too. People who normally don’t tell me for whom they’re going to vote are proudly telling me this.

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