Saturday, June 25, 2011

Liberals NEED Us!

They do their best to get rid of people who work hard and make money, especially those who do it well and become “rich” doing it. They don’t even realize that if they succeeded completely in “getting rid of the rich,” they’d be slitting their own throats. They NEED those who EARN money so they can tax them (steal it) to pay for their “give-away” plans. Without “the rich,” they’d all die. They’re PARASITES on society.

SOCIALISM DOES NOT CREATE WEALTH: The free market DOES, to the benefit of EVERYBODY. Socialism is a PARASITE that TAKES from those who EARN and GIVES to those who don’t; it creates NOTHING. Only the free market, which they scornfully call “capitalism,” does create new wealth, for the benefit of ALL, including socialists.

AFRAID OF BEING PUNISHED: Recently in Wisconsin a woman defended herself, using pepper pray, but didn’t report it because she was afraid of being punished for using pepper spray. This is WRONG! A person should NEVER be punished for defending themselves. Self defense is a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT that cannot be taken away by those “protected politicians” who think they know best (turns out she was not punished).

BACKROOM DEALS: In Washington, politicians are scheming to get permission to spend yet more money to “solve” our economic problems. Not a word is being uttered about cutting spending, nor will there be until we wake up and elect some competent people to replace these fools now making the rules and spending our money like it’s water.

IT’S THE SPENDING, STUPID! The politicians in Washington want us to think we’re in economic trouble because we haven’t spent enough taxpayer money on frivolous and stupid things like financing the Venezuelan search for oil. They say that trying to solve the economic problem by cutting costs is IRRESPONSIBLE. How STUPID is that? If they just actually CUT costs, they wouldn’t NEED to raise the debt ceiling. That’s not irresponsible, it’s COMMON SENSE. Something our current “leaders” have none of.

AMERICA DOING SOMETHING INCREDIBLY STUPID: That was the headline on an e-mail I got recently, but is it news? Since Obama took office, the fact of the government doing something incredibly stupid is a daily occurrence. So it’s just not news any more when they do it.

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