Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Can't Stop Him From Eating Hot Dogs

Obama apparently doesn’t believe in all the dietary restrictions his wife wants to put on us “po folks” because he can be seen just about any time eating hot dogs and other kinds of what she calls “unhealthy foods.” Maybe he LIKES sleeping in the “Lincoln Room.”

DID ROMNEY GO TOO FAR? When he came out in favor of AlGore’s “global warming swindle?” While we’re all in the process of proving it’s a scam, he comes out and says he believes in it. Which makes me, and others who are awake and alert lose confidence in his ability to reason. I lost faith in Newt Gingrich’s judgment when he made that commercial with Nancy Peelosi sitting on a couch on the beach, supporting the same global warming swindle. Are these people just STUPID? Or do they have an underlying motive not obvious to the rest of us?

RECOVERY? WHAT RECOVERY? Obama constantly slips in a reference to “the recovery” in his speeches and news bytes, but there IS none. He hopes to make us think there IS a “recovery” that is being “messed up” by Republicans. Actually, if there WERE any tendency toward a recovery, it is OBAMA and his socialist policies that are impeding it.

ONE PARTY TOWN: Denver is holding an all “mail-in” election today (June 7) to choose a new mayor. Both candidates are Democrats, though you couldn’t tell that from their ads, or anything else. I had to search diligently to find it out, and it wasn’t on the web sites of EITHER candidate. So whichever way we go, we’ll get yet another Democrat. Never mind that Democrat mayors all over the country have destroyed the cities they run. Just look at Detroit, which has become a third-world country under their former Democrat mayor, Coleman Young. Of course, a more recent Detroit mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, is now in prison for what he stole.

VIOLENCE IS DOWN IN BORDER AREA: New Mexico rancher Larry Link was murdered by an illegal alien. When is Obama going to open his eyes and see the truth? Or does he hope his version of the truth BECOMES truth? What a FOOL we (not me) elected!

WHY THERE ARE NO JOBS: The government “partners with you” in whatever business you like, takes about 75% of what you earn over the life of your business, tells you what you can and cannot do, takes another 20% when you retire, and another 50% of your net worth when you die, forcing your heirs to sell out to pay the taxes. This is how it works today. And they wonder why there are no jobs? (Market Oracle)

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