Saturday, July 2, 2011

"The American People Want It!"

That’s the lie Obama tells when he proposes a new tax or something else we definitely DON’T want. How he figures that, I don’t know. But then, I can’t figure out Obama’s reasoning, anyway, not being a socialist. How people could actively WANT the government to steal more and more of their money is a mystery. But that’s what he thinks—or at least he wants us to THINK it’s true.

NEVER THINK ABOUT LOWERING SPENDING: Obama says “there are no ‘sacred cows’ in discussions over raising the spending level” while maintaining his “sacred cow” that any agreement MUST include new taxes in a recession—one of the best ways to make this recession worse. But then, I think his every action is planned to make the recession worse so he can use it to convince us to let him move us ever closer to socialism.

OBAMA FORGETS HIS DAUGHTER’S AGE: He said his oldest daughter is 13; but birth records show plainly she is 12! He says they get their homework in a day early. That’s a bald-faced LIE. Show me a kid who EVER does their homework early! Show me a teacher who gives it to them early enough for them to do it. Democrats say Palin and Buchanan are idiots, and Obama is brilliant. This about a man who thinks we have 57 states! A man who doesn’t even know what DATE it is, or how old his children are! Gawd, this “tissue of lies” about Obama is SO thin!

“THEY WON’T COMPROMISE": Obama has cancelled a planned meeting with Republicans, saying it is “because they won’t compromise.” What he means is they won’t “knuckle under” to HIS dictates. Actually, it is OBAMA that “won’t compromise.” He defines “no compromise” as “not agreeing with HIM.” Obama is so “gaffe-prone” it would take a BOOK to list them all, even if you could. VP “BiteMe” has the official gaffe record, but only because the media will not recognize Obama’s gaffes.

CHAVEZ HAS CANCER: And it couldn’t have happened to a better guy. I guess God does take a hand in politics sometimes when a bloody dictator gets “too big for his pants.” When Chavez did it, He gave him cancer in an appropriate place. He had to go to Cuba and take part in Castro’s “two-tier” medical system (not for peons, just for the elite). Maybe he’s got a room next to Castro's, who is now in “declining health” himself (it didn’t happen soon enough). “Venezuelan historian Agustin Blanco Munoz, who wrote a book about Chavez, predicted that ‘he is not going to resign.’ He said strongman leaders such as Chavez are unlikely to step down because "they feel they are the chosen ones, that they're the supreme ones." Kinda like Obama.

DOING ALL THE WRONG THINGS: If you were broke and facing bankruptcy, would you spend all you can on credit, and demand as much more money as you can from those whose work and investment of THEIR money provides you with cash? I thought not. But that’s what Obama is doing. Higher taxes creates NO new wealth. All it does is take away money that could be invested to EARN new wealth, which would create more taxable income. And he’s getting ready to spend even more money on credit that our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will have to repay. How STUPID is that?

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