Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blaming Everyone BUT Himself

That’s Obama. ANY time something goes wrong it’s Bush’s fault. Or the Republican’s fault. Or the fault of stupid Americans who just are too stupid to understand why he does what he does. But they do. They’re “waking up” to the con man they’ve elected to the presidency and can’t WAIT to get rid of him and his henchmen.

“RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH” CANDIDATE EXPOSES POLITICIANS: Everything he talks about is not only wrong, but is unconstitutional; but there will be people who buy his garbage and vote for him. Fortunately not enough to elect him to anything. The unfortunate thing is we do elect people like Obama and Peelosi, and Reid, who say the same things, better. Right now Peelosi is touting socialism right out in the open, talking about “fairness.” She also said we “need to approve the health care swindle law to see what’s in it.” She didn’t believe that crap even as she said it, which was obvious by her hesitation even as she spoke. Anybody who has NOT read it, but votes for it anyway ought to be “tarred and feathered.”

SILLIEST THING IN THE WORLD: Raising taxes and printing more money during a recession. But that’s exactly what Obama is doing, right along. He SAYS taking over 7% of the economy (the medical profession) can be done with NO increase in taxes OR costs for delivery. That’s INSANE and those who believe it are FOOLS.

COMPROMISE WILL NOT WORK: Democrats are, as usual, hollering about the Republicans “cooperating” with THEM. That’s how they DILUTE the effect of a majority on the other side: “co-opt” them. Get them to compromise their own principles and vote with Democrats. That’s the way it ALWAYS works. Democrats NEVER compromise theirs.

OBAMA EVEN SCARES LIBERALS: He’s even losing votes in his “base” by the extremeness of his actions. Liberals are HORRIFIED at his actions and even THEY are looking at voting against him.

LIBERALS STILL DON’T GET IT: Poverty does NOT beget poverty. Liberals still think poverty is CREATED by poverty itself. Nothing could be further from the truth. Generational poverty is caused by “those who SHOULD know” telling people “the world owes them a living. It is created by giving people money and destroying their INCENTIVE to earn for themselves. That’s what creates several generations in the same family on welfare.

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