Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lying About Tax Cuts

You hear, every day, Democrats talking about the “tax cuts” Obama has given the “middle class.” But that’s an outright lie. What he did was tell certain people that, “If you follow my orders I’ll give you a temporary tax break.” That’s not a “tax cut.” A tax cut is reducing the rate at which ALL taxes are assessed. Don’t fall for the swindle.

THE “MONEY DRAIN”: We’ve all heard about the “brain drain” in Europe. That’s where the biggest “brains” immigrate to America, where they could make the best money from their brains. That doesn’t happen any more. Obama has succeeded in making America no better than Europe, which is failing fast. But the “smart people,” the people who have money, are moving to places where they aren’t taxed to death every day. Soon it will become a federal crime for people above a certain income to move to states (or counties) where they aren’t taxed excessively, just because they are rich.

McDONALD’S “OPTING OUT” ON HEALTH INSURANCE: And they’re just the first, as they are the first in many things. The Obama crowd calculated that this would not begin to happen before 2012 or 2014, well after the next presidential election. But it is beginning now, as companies, seeing the future, are beginning to “opt out” on providing health insurance (however inadequate it is for McDonald’s employees) because it is going to be unaffordable for them.

LAWS AGAINST IT: In Ayn Rand’s prescient “Atlas Shrugged,” the government got so mad at entrepreneurs going out of business and disappearing that they made a law against it (for all the good it did them). In real life, they’re going to make laws against companies “opting out” on providing health insurance for their employees because it costs too much. Then they’re going to make it illegal for rich people to move to where there are no income taxes (for all the good that’s going to do THEM).

IT TOOK TIME: “It took time to eliminate slavery.” That’s Obama’s mantra, now. That’s how he hopes to “hold off” those who expected him to “move mountains” and “lower seas.” He says, “give me time.” Of course, “giving him time” means he wants to be re-elected despite the damage he has done to this country in his efforts to make it a socialist country and re-enslave his “peasants.”

YOU’RE BEING CONNED: Conned by your own government, which CREATES crises, then PUBLICIZES them, figuring you’ll demand a SOLUTION that will allow them to tax you more and remove some more of your rights. Things they couldn’t do without this old con. Rahm Emanuel SAID as much when he said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” YOU are “the mark” and if you let them continue, you will deserve what you get. I’m just happy I won’t have to live through it for long.

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