Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Not In there!

I don’t know where it happened, but I heard it. In a political debate, one debater spoke of “the separation of church and state” and another asked, “Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?” and got a big laugh. One woman was heard to say, “Oh, my God! Is she stupid?” The truth is it is NOT in the Constitution, no matter how much the liberals and other religion-haters want you to think it is. If you think it is, SHOW me where it is.

PROPER UNDERSTANDING: Liberals purposely MISunderstand the meaning of the words in the Constitution where it says, “Congress shall MAKE NO LAWS regarding religion or the practice thereof.” They think it means they can make all kinds of laws BANNING religion on ANY kind of government property (except the Supreme Court building). They can’t, but they DO. They use this to hinder religions (Christians, mostly) as much as they can. What part of NO LAWS do they NOT understand?

DEMOCRATS AVOID TALKING ABOUT THE STIMULUS: Republicans are running ADS criticizing the Democrats for the “stimulus” giveaways, but the Democrats refuse to talk about it because they know it was wrong. They hope the subject will “go away. It won’t. Not with $3 TRILLION dollars on the line.

NOTHING FROM BIN LADEN: Have you noticed? You haven’t heard ANYTHING directly from Oba—er, Osama bin Laden lately? It’s always from his “second-in-command” or someone else, or an old audio tape. The only videos you see are those old ones of him walking with his walking stick through a barren countryside or shooting an automat6ic weapon on a firing range to show how tough he is. That’s because he’s dead and the Islamic terrorists don’t want to admit it. We made him into a cinder early on in the Afghan war when we bombed his cave with him in it.

WE CAN ABSORB AN ATTACK: Every day, in every way, Obama disgusts me more every time he opens his mouth. “We can absorb an attack,” indeed! Yes, this country CAN. But how about the innocent people who will be killed in such an attack? Does he not care a whit about them? What a FOOL we have in the White House!

WHITE CAUCUS: Obama recently spoke before Washington’s “American Hispanic Caucus.’ He has spoken many times to the “Black Caucus.” When is America going to have a “White American Caucus?” They will (again) call me a racist for saying this common sense.

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