Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obama's Historical Ignorance

He recently gave a speech in which he noted that many countries, INCLUDING Mexico, were here before we were. WRONG! Mexico did not even EXIST until 1821. This is just the “tip of the iceberg” of his historical and geographical ignorance. This is the guy, remember, who thinks we have 57 states, just like a certain Islamic country.

SOROS PUTS OUT A “HIT”: He has offered $1 million dollars for anyone who can “get rid of” Glenn Beck and/or Fox News. Boy! They must be doing SOMETHING right. I’ve always said the liberals will tell you who is HURTING them, and Soros has certainly done that.

NCAAP CALLS TEA PARTIES RACIST: They’ve put out a “report” that says it. There’s no PROOF cited in this “report,” but they’re referring to it ALONE as “proof.” The fabricated, made-up “report” itself is called “proof,” but with no proof behind it, it is no good. There IS no “proof” the Tea Parties are racist. It’s all in the minds of liberals, who call EVERYBODY who disagrees with them racists. Nowhere else.

THEY’RE OUT TO KILL US: Islamic extremists are out to kill us. It’s that simple. There ARE no “neutral” Muslims. Those who might be neutral are silenced by death threats from Muslim extremists. They will not open their mouths against the Muslim extremists so they can stay alive.

CLINTON BALANCED BUDGET? What a load that is! They’re still trying to sell that lie. He used Social Security money to do it, and Social Security money is SPOKEN FOR, and can’t be used as such. This is the kind of financial gymnastics Democrats always use to fool us.

NPR FIRES JUAN WILLIAMS: They did it because he told the truth about Muslim extremists, and they don’t like that. I’ve never been a fan of his, but I’m not at all surprised at him being fired for telling the truth in a stout liberal bastion where they don’t like the truth.

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