Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Best Reason to Dump Obama

The unemployment rate REMAINS at more than TEN PERCENT, two years into his administration. This is the guy, remember, who promised to “lower the oceans” and couldn’t. Actually, he has not kept ANY of his promises, including the one to close GITMO. He has had to face up to REALITY, which he did not have to do when he was “outside looking in.” Now he’s “inside looking out,” he has come to realize he just cannot do what he promised.

IS BARNEY “RUNNING SCARED?” Barney Frank has “loaned himself” $200,000 for his re-election campaign and sent out his boiyfriend to heckle his oipponent. Now Barney isn’t “filthy rich” (according to known sources anyway, but who knows how much he has “squirreled away” in offshore accounts), so this action shows he is very much “concerned” about losing his job—the seat that has allowed him to create a “bloodless coup” that put a simpleton like Baarracckk Obama in the White House, and many other Democrat con men in the Congress in 2008.

“CREATING TERRORISTS”: They’re still trying to sell that old crap about killing terrorists “creating more terrorists than we kill.” Is that a reason to just let Islamic terrorists kill us unpunished? Actually, I think it is a good reason to kill as many terrorists as we can, as quickly as we can, so we can get ahead of the numbers. It’s certainly not an excuse to “back off.” Those who think it is are damned FOOLS.

TIRED OF THE LIES: I know, I know, politicians lie all the time. But I’m getting tired of the CONCENTRATED lying I see in all the political attack ads constantly on television. You can only take so much lying before you stop listening to ALL the attack ads. Actually, I pay NO attention to political ads; ever. I do my own research before voting, and I “pay attention” all the time. So I KNOW what’s going on, unlike many voters.

“GROUND ZERO MOSQUE”: What the hell do these people think about when they actually APPROVE of the prospect of a MOSQUE practically on the GRAVES of the thousands of innocent men, women, and CHILDREN Muslim extremists MURDERED on September 11, 2001? Muslim terrorists USUALLY erect mosques at the sites of their biggest triumphs, and that’s what they’re trying to do here. But the FOOLS like New York Mayor Bloomberg ignore that and are willing to allow them to do it.

HOW THEY DO IT: The liberals in the media are very clever in how they twist things by how they portray people in their drama shows. One of the most recent is “Medium,” where a “Joe Arpaio-like” character is portrayed as a rapist-murderer. People who “pay no attention to politics” remember things like this when they vote. It’s embedded in their subconscious. That’s how we got that pantywaist liberal socialist Obama in the White House.

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