Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Outrageous Lies On Fox

Some of the most hateful lies I’ve ever heard are on Fox News when they allow certain Democrat activists to “speak their piece” in their continuing effort to be “fair and balanced.” I think they SHOULD make an effort to tell both sides, but when somebody lies outrageously they should CHALLENGE that lie, there and then, liberal or conservative, and make that person PROVE their lie. THAT would be “fair and balanced.”

IT’S HARASSMENT: The so-called “church members” (actually members of one hateful family masquerading as a church) who go to the funerals of soldiers killed in battle to save the very “right” they claim to have in order to disrupt the funerals of people who are already grief-stricken are NOT exercising “free speech.” They are HARASSING these people, and it’s HATE-FILLED harassment. They should be forced to do their harassing at a distance. I’d recommend ten miles.

OBAMA’S RECESSION: Obama is talking about the bad effects of this recession, and still blaming it on Bush, even though it was CAUSED by the economic chaos created by a Democrat-passed, Democrat-signed law made clear back in 1976 to FORCE lenders to loan money to people they KNEW could not ever pay it back. They pulled the plug on their “safety valve” just before the 2008 election (while Bush was still in office) and got Obama and a lot of Democrats elected. Obama has been doing everything he could to make it worse ever since, while CLAIMING to be trying to make it better. It is OBAMA’S recession, through and through. He can’t deny it, though he will, long and loudly. It’s a vicious lie.

PEELOSI STILL IN DENIAL: She still thinks her Democrats can win the 2010 election. How stupid IS this woman? She thinks she and the rest of Democrats can RAPE this country and not be “thrown out?” There is NO CHANCE that most Democrats will be re-elected or newly elected. Somebody ought to tell her to quit showing her ignorance.

IT’S IMPOSSIBLE: Many politicians are accusing their opponents of hiring illegal aliens, when they hired various companies to do work, who DID do so. These people have asked for promises it wouldn’t happen and were lied to. They were unaware of ANY illegal aliens working for those companies but that makes no difference to their opponents, who just want to paint them with a “black brush.” (They’ll probably call ME a racist for using the word “black.” That’s how they operate). Fact is, it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to eliminate ALL use of illegal alien-produced labor, and they play on that.

IT DOESN’T MATTER: Many people say Obama is a Muslim, but it doesn’t matter. He is a “Muslim sympathizer,” and that is obvious by his actions regarding Islamic terrorists. He won’t even admit we are at WAR with Islamic terrorism. He won’t even use the words. And he won’t allow anybody in his administration to use them.

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