Sunday, October 24, 2010

Outlandishly Stupid

The things Obama is saying now in an effort to get re-elected are outlandishly STUPID and are recognizable LIES. He’s desperate and will say ANYTHING to get re-elected. He still thinks we’re still ignorant enough to believe his lies. He now says if Republicans win they’ll cut giveaways “all across the WORLD!” Do you understand the outlandish LIE this is?

SARCOZY: “WE CAN NO LONGER PAY PEOPLE NOT TO WORK”: France is finally “getting it.” They have been paying people not to work for a long time, now. They’re stopping it, and people who are used to getting paid for 40 hours while working only 32 are now being told they must WORK 40 hours and can’t retire until 65 are rioting.

IN DENIAL: Democrats such as Joe “Biteme” and Nancy Peelosi are still telling people Democrats are going to win in November. They can’t see the obvious, that many formerly “safe” districts are fast moving toward Republicans. They think they can make it true by SAYING it.

SCARED TO DEATH OF ISLAM: The American press is scared to death of Islam. Otherwise why would they censor a cartoon depicting Mohammed to avoid “insulting Islam?” Why do WE care about “insulting Islam?”

“PREDATORY LENDING”: What the hell is THAT? Lending money to people who can’t afford to pay it back? Who does THAT benefit outside of the Democrats, who can call it things like “predatory lending” and blame the Republicans for it, even though it was CREATED by Democrats with a law made in 1976?

REVEALING THEIR IGNORANCE: When Rahm Emmanuel said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste” he revealed his ignorance by thinking Americans would not realize the impact of what he said. He has, like all rats, now left the “sinking ship” of the Obama administration by going back to Chicago to run the rest of the criminals running that city instead of being Obama’s “second banana."

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