Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Government Does Not Create Jobs!

Obama keeps talking about “creating or saving jobs.” But that’s a lie. Government can neither CREATE nor “SAVE” jobs. Only private enterprise can create meaningful jobs that create PRODUCTION. Government can only create the FICTION of “creating” jobs by the “make-work” jobs they sometimes create with taxpayer money. These “jobs” do not create PRODUCTION, which is what jobs are for. A business is NOT in business to “create jobs” for anybody. They are there to make money for themselves, and tend to make money for others and create jobs in the process.

POLITICS SHOULDN’T BE A FACTOR: Obama’s personal friend Professor Bill Ayres was denied tenure because he is a “bomb-thrower” who regrets that he didn’t do more. The university is mad as hell. They say “his politics shouldn’t matter” in this. I say he should never have been appointed a professor in the first place because he is a convicted felon who wants to kill people to make a political point. That's the DEFINITION of a terrorist.

GET RID OF HER: A cheerleader refused to cheer the basketball player who RAPED her when he took a free throw. So they threw her off the cheerleading squad. It amazes me the abysmal STUPIDITY of people in charge of things today.

DEMOCRATS ARE IN TROUBLE: Even in places where they usually win by double-digits, they’re only one or two points ahead (within the error spread) or are WAY behind. They’re putting out phony polls showing themselves ahead, but they can’t win an election on polls. They’re ALL saying they’re against Obama’s health care swindle (my words, not theirs).

"ASTROTURFED" SCAM: They said they could outdo Glenn Beck, but they didn’t. Not even by giving liberals free bus rides to the site. Not even by giving college students class credits to attend. They used every slimy trick in the book and STILL couldn’t con more people into going there than appeared spontaneously at Glenn Beck’s rally on 8/28.

HOW THEY THINK: Gaffe machine Joe “Biteme” said he wants to “strangle” Republicans who tell him to balance the budget. Which tells me balancing the budget is the LAST thing on the minds of liberals. None of them want to bother balancing the budget and some want to do violence to those who demand that they do. These are the people running our government.

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