Thursday, October 7, 2010

"The War With Islam Is Just Beginning"

That’s what the would-be “New York City bomber” said after being convicted and sentenced to life in prison. He thinks that will frighten us. He’s wrong. We’ll happily kill as many Muslim extremists as we can as long as they try to kill innocent people. I hope he dies a horrible death in prison. Maybe somebody with a home-made shiv will do us a favor.

DEMS TO DELAY CUTTING BUSH TAX CUTS: They’re delaying it until AFTER the 2010 elections because they don’t want them to “go away” before the voting. They want to win or lose the election and THEN keep or get rid of the tax cuts AFTER you have voted. But hey still want to get rid of them, make no mistake. Vote for or against Democrats and they’re going away until the Republicans can restore them. So you might as well go ahead and vote against them. You’ll get them back quicker.

MINIMIZING GLENN BECK: The liberals and their captive media are trying to minimize the turnout at Glenn Beck’s 8/28 rally because it made them look silly. Then they tried to outdo him on 10/2 by pressuring union members, NAACP members, and all other liberals, giving them FREE bus rides to the site (operative word, FREE), It didn't work. Their turnout didn’t even equal a TRICKLE compared with that at Glenn’s rally, which had no free bus rides and put no pressure on anybody. Still they CLAIMED to have outpulled him, in spite of photographic evidence to the contrary. They don't mind looking you right in the eye and lying, KNOWING you know the truth.

LOWERING THE BAR: Liberals don’t demand excellence. They demand mediocrity. The way they make people look competent is by lowering the bar. Liberals say people have to have FAILED at something in the past to be considered for a high office in a liberal administration.

“THE SECOND POOREST”: Obama recently said Afghanistan is the SECOND poorest nation in the Middle East. As usual, he’s wrong. It’s the 19TH poorest. But remember, this is the guy who thinks we have 57 states! How this guy got elected would be beyond me if I didn’t know the media would cover up ANYTHING he ever did wrong.

PATTERN OF OPPOSITION: The New York mayor wants any opposition to the “Ground Zero mosque to stop. But that doesn’t stop the city’s “pattern of opposition” to the building of Christian churches in New York that has been going on for years.

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