Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Tea Party" Not A Political Party

The other day I heard a man say, “What scares me are these ‘Tea Party’ people.” What fools are this guy listening to? The “Tea Party” is NOT a political party or ANY sort of an “organization.” “Tea Parties” is a name generally applied to a POPULAR UPRISING by Americans who are tired of being lied to and being screwed over by their government. That’s nothing for an honest American to be scared of. It IS something for our liberal “leaders” to be scared of because it is going to spell the end to their spending spree with our money.

$2 MILLION PER JOB: In Los Angeles, they got $111 million to “create jobs.” They “created” 55 jobs. That’s about $2 million per job. That’s about average with Democrats. A job earning $300 a week costs government $2 million to “create.” But they don’t want you to look at it that way.

CONTROL THE MONEY: Bureaucrats don’t want your money for themselves. They want the POWER and privilege CONTROLLING the distribution of that money brings them. So don’t look for them (at least Democrats) to do anything to actually LOWER the basic rate at which you pay your taxes. All they’ll give you is a “Targeted” tax cut that allows them to give you your orders to get to keep some of the money you earned.

HIS AUDACITY AMAZES ME: The audacity of Ahmadinijerk amazes me. He’s now saying America wants to learn his nuclear secrets, but he has “cracked down” on his nuclear workers and “put a stop to the spying.” We’re so far ahead of Iran on nuclear information there is nothing we’d want to know from him. In fact, it’s just the other way around. His people are trying hard to learn OUR “nuclear secrets, with no luck at all.

GIVES THEM NO POWER: That’s what letting people keep more of the money they earn does. It allows the politicians to have no power. Everything they do involves retaining or creating power so they’d rather give people “targeted tax cuts” if they “follow orders.”

OBAMA IS DESPERATE: He’s out there campaigning like crazy, hoping to reverse the anti-Obama, anti-Democrat uprising caused by his “spending spree” while moving us toward socialism. This POPULAR uprising is mostly called the “Tea Parties.” But it’s not going to work. People are “wise to him” this time. He can’t hide behind his rhetoric as he did during the 2008 election where he didn’t really have an opponent and nobody knew him. Now they know him. John McCain wouldn’t even offer much resistance to his plans, and he (McCain) muzzled Sarah Palin after her first speech before the Republican Convention. That will not happen this time.

OBAMA CAN’T FIGURE IT OUT: He used to be extremely popular, but that popularity is a thing of the past and he just can’t figure out why. He thinks people should still think of him as a “savior.” He thinks his theft of more money in his first two years than all presidents since the beginning have spent means nothing to people. He thinks they’re too stupid to understand. Many people who voted for him are disappointed, and will vote AGAINST him from now on. He doesn’t have the sense to see that so he’ll always wonder why we “threw him out” after one term.

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