Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Republicans "Created" It?

The Democrats say they’re not “running against Peelosi, per se.” They’re running against the IMAGE “created by the Republicans” that she needs to be replaced. WRONG!! This image was CREATED by her own actions and the actions of the rest of the Democrats in Washington, and it is TRUE. The Republicans merely told the TRUTH about her, and them.

MICHELLE VIOLATED ELECTION LAWS: Will anyone punish her? With Obama controlling the means of prosecution, she will be treated the same way all other Democrats who violate the law are treated. Her violation of the law will be “studied” to death while nothing ever gets done.

THEY CAN’T PROVE IT BUT THEY KEEP ON SCREAMING IT: They hope repetition will make people believe it. I’m speaking specifically about the Democrat (liberal) insistence that the “Tea Parties” are racist, but this is the scam they use to make you believe all kinds of things. When you question them, they say, “can you prove it ISN’T true?” I say, they’re making the accusations, it’s up to THEM to prove it IS true. Otherwise, it’s nothing but their imagination. Made up out of whole cloth.

PEELOSI BRINGING PEOPLE INTO THE MIDDLE CLASS: Nancy Peelosi, who exported the labor for the products her company manufactures so she wouldn’t have to pay America’s minimum wage, which she helped to raise several times, says she has “moved many into the middle class.” For once, she’s telling the truth. But she doesn’t tell you the people she moved into the middle class came from “the rich.” Soon they’ll move to the “lower class” after her and her henchmen loot them some more.

“LEAN FORWARD”: Who at MSNBC came up with the slogan, “lean forward?” I can’t think of a better one to describe what they’re asking us to do while Obama and his crowd are standing by, ready to take advantage of our posture. This sounds like something OBAMA is asking us to do while he “screws us over.” And he IS “screwing us over” every time he gathers his pens and signs another bill into law to rape us some more.

COOPERATION: That’s always what the liberals (Democrats) scream for when they’re outnumbered. They know that they can dilute the effect of their opposition if they can convince some of them to “cooperate” with them. They will not cooperate with ANYBODY, but insist that others “cooperate” with THEM. That means ignore your own wishes and accept THEIRS. That’s how it always works if you “cooperate” with liberals.

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