Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Risky Lending"

Democrats blame the current economic meltdown on “risky lending.” What they DON’T say is that “risky lending” was done to OBEY THE LAW (Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976, passed by Democrats and signed by a Democrat president, Jimmy Carter) while Fanny and Freddie “bailed the lenders out” to “keep the lid on” until Democrats were ready to use it to guarantee a massive Democrat victory that gave them control of the entire U. S. government. Don’t believe it? Do your own research. Don’t believe me.

DEMOCRATS WILL NEVER LOWER TAXES: Letting people KEEP more of the money they earn does not give the Democrats more power over them. They need to take the money away, then “dole it out” to people who follow orders. This is how they gain and maintain power over the rest of us.

PLANE CRASH IN KABUL: Islamic terrorists sit on a hill above the Kabul airport, hoping to shoot American planes down and kill people. If they know this, why the hell don’t they have regular patrols there to KILL those terrorists instead of just making dangerous steep angle descents to avoid being shot down? Do we have any intelligent generals there?

WHY NO INVESTIGATION? Obama received many very “shady” contributions during the 2008 election, but there has been NO investigation, of any kind, into them. Why is that? Do you suppose it’s because Obama and his gang control the means of investigation? Boy, that OTHER “organized crime” outfit, the Mafia, would LOVE to be in that position. They just KILL their enemies. Obama puts them in prison. And there is usually NO investigation.

TYPICAL EXTREMIST MUSLIM TERRORIST LIES: They claim they are only REACTING to the “dastardly things” we have done to them. They think Americans will BELIEVE this bullsh-t, and unfortunately, many do. The ones who happily “ignore politics” because they have “more important things to do.” But there are NO “more important things” for them to do. The more they ignore politics, the more politics affect THEM.

TAKING KIDS BECAUSE OF CONNECTION TO “OATH KEEPERS”: It may be just ONE of the accusations, but it IS an accusation. What’s WRONG with being connected to an organization that insists the people wh0o are supposed to be protecting us adhere to the Constitution of the United States? In Obama’s world that is a crime. He wants them to swear an oath to HIM, not the Constitution.

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