Saturday, October 30, 2010

Damnocrats In Denial

They keep saying “we’re going to win in 2010,” and they’re NOT. They still think the voters are just too dumb to understand what Obama is doing, that they have to work hard to MAKE people understand. Only problem for them is, for the first time in a long time, the voters DO understand what Obama is doing and they don’t like it. So on November 3, his majorities in the Congress will disappear whether he will admit it or not. And come 2012, he will go, too.

PALIN A “TEA PARTY ICON?” Democrats forget that Sarah Palin came on the scene LONG before the “Tea Parties.” Yes, they like her. But she is NOT a “Tea Party icon.” If anything, the “Tea Parties are a PALIN icon.”

OBAMA—“CAMPAIGNER IN CHIEF”: He is spending a lot of time (while collecting his salary in taxpayer dollars) for Democrats in trouble because of HIS policies. He THINKS that will help them get elected, which just shows HIS ignorance. HE is the reason they’re “in trouble.” Him campaigning FOR them is not going to help. In fact, it is going to SINK them.

“DOING IT FOR THEM”: Somebody, nobody knows who (and nobody cares as long as Obama is in the White House) is printing their own absentee ballots and voting them in somebody else’s name. That sounds like a CHICAGO trick, and we all know who FROM Chicago will benefit if the votes are for Democrats.

CAN’T “TALK TO” THE TALIBAN: Karzai thinks he can “talk to” the Islamic terrorists who go under the name, “Taliban” in Afghanistan. They have ONE goal. That is to kill ANYBODY who doesn’t believe exactly the same way they do. They’re not interested in “talking,” except to “buy time” to rearm and get into better killing positions while “talks” go on with gullible politicians here and in Afghanistan.

“KEEP ON BELIEVING”: Obama says to his constituents (what fools, they be) “I need you to keep believing.” Believing WHAT? His lies? He ought to bring out the poisoned “Kool-Aid” for them to drink. He’s right, for a change: he DOES need them to “keep believing” his lies.

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