Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ia Glenn Beck A Nazi?

The liberals are trying very hard to discredit Glenn Beck with the blatant lie that he is a Nazi; which just shows their complete IGNORANCE of what a Nazi IS. They even use his wearing of a “Nazi-style” uniform on the cover of one of his books (which he wore to SPOOF the far left for their Orwellian political correctness). They’re even saying he is a “secret socialist,” with NO proof (as usual). This is so typical of liberals I don’t need to say more.

WE CAN’T PROVE IT: But you have to prove otherwise. Translation: “We have no proof you’re doing anything wrong, but now we’ve accused you, you have to prove you’re not.” This is how the Democrats (liberals) operate. They make up something out of whole cloth and make an accusation. If they’re questioned, they say, ”Can you prove it’s NOT true?” Sounds a little backward from how we operate in this country.

TO DESTROY HEALTH CARE INSURANCE: That’s Obama’s plan. But he made a mistake. He didn’t want the insurance companies to react until after the 2012 elections, but they are reacting now. They’re canceling policies wholesale because they KNOW they will not be able to afford to cover these people under the new regulations. That was Obama’s basic plan, and will (if not repealed) FORCE people to look to the GOVERNMENT for their health insurance.

WHAT DID BUSH DO WRONG? I Googled “what did Bush do wrong?” and got a bunch of liberal propaganda, but nothing else. Most of what I got was either a lie or only something bad from a liberal point of view. Not from the point of view of people who want the government OUT of their lives, don’t want Obama’s health care swindle, and want nothing to do with Obama’s push toward socialism. People keep SAYING Bush made many mistakes, and I’m sure he did. But the things most people mention I don’t CONSIDER mistakes, although I have my own problems with Bush.

“STOP JUDGING PEOPLE!” That’s what the liberals want you to do so they can get away with screwing you for everything they can. But judging people and things is absolutely necessary for us to be able to decide how to respond to people and things intelligently. If we don’t judge people and things we will be subject to being fools when they screw us over.

BERNANKE IS A FOOL! He has shown, many times that he knows NOTHING about economics—which is why Obama wants to keep him in this very important post where he can EFFECT the economy with his “flights of fancy” such as the idea that we “NEED” inflation. That’s like saying we “need” cancer so we can learn how to fight it. We “need” inflation like we need a hole in the head.

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