Sunday, October 17, 2010

Major Drawback

There’s a major drawback (aside from the price) to all-electric cars. That is that the best of them will only go 100 miles before it must get a 14-hour chargeup. If all you’re doing is driving around town and don’t get much more that that on it before you go home for your own recharge, that’s okay. But only if that's all you use it for. Another drawback from my point of view is their size. I see one and want to put a handle on the top so I can pick it up and carry it home if it breaks down. Then there’s the cost of battery replacement in about six years (several thousand dollars), which gives it NO tradein value when you sell it (IF anybody’s interested in buying it).

IT’S A MYTH: But the Democrats are still selling it. The myth that Clinton BALANCED the budget Nothing could be further from the truth. His figures—those used to fool the people into THINKING he balanced the budget, INCLUDED Social Security money, which is SPOKEN FOR and not to be used in balancing the budget. That’s typical financial “sleight of hand” politicians (mostly Democrats) use to fool the people.

JOE “BITEME” THINKS YOU’RE STUPID: I’ve always thought it, but now I’ve HEARD our vice-president say the American voter is STUPID. You’re not; ignorant, maybe (some, anyway, not necessarily this audience ), but not stupid. Ignorance comes from lack of information. Stupidity is the refusal to ACCEPT the truth when you hear it. Ignorance can be cured by simply PAYING ATTENTION to politics so you’ll not put another con man like Brraacckk Obama in the White House.

YESTERDAY’S “EXTREME” IS TOMORROW’S “ROUTINE”: In the fifties, it was “extremer” to wish to do away with “black and white” drinking fountains. It was “extreme” to want to treat blacks and whites equally. Today, to do otherwise would be unthinkable. What ELSE is “extreme” today that will be “routine” tomorrow?

“PASS THE BILL TO FIND OUT WHAT’S IN IT”: I still can’t believe the unmitigated STUPIDITY displayed by House Speaker (for a short time yet) Nancy Peelosi in saying this. We don’t vote things into law to “see what’s in there.” That’s “buying a pig in a poke” and if we do it, WE’RE stupid. Congresspeople who do are “derelict in their duty” and should be removed for cause.

HOW STUPID DOES SHE THINK WE ARE? Even when that amazing crap about passing the bill to see what’s in it came out of her mouth, I could hear the quaver in her voice that told me SHE didn’t even believe what she was saying. But she “plowed right on” and said it anyway, hoping enough people would believe it to get this onerous bill passed into law before we could think about it.

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