Thursday, September 30, 2010

Corruption On Steroids

That’s what caused the entire City Council of Bell, California to be arrested. But the media universally (except for Fox, of course) fails to mention the fact that ALL are Democrats. This happens all the time; they find corruption among Republicans, the word Republican is the first word in their “report.” But when it’s a Democrat, they just can’t seem to bring themselves to mention that. If they report corruption without mentioning the political party, you can BET they’re Democrats.

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ROBBED? If your answer is “yes,” you know how that makes you feel: violated; insecure; unless you are robbed (you are, daily) by your government. They call that taxes; or fees; or many other things, to fool you into not knowing you’re being taxed five or six times (or more) on THE SAME MONEY. And if you accumulate enough money in your lifetime, you’re taxed AGAIN on the same money when you die.

PETULANT PRESIDENT SLAMS FOX: Presidents and vice-presidents in the past have had “hard words” for the news media in general after the media has slammed something they did. But never have I seen a president slam a PARTICULAR news source for telling the TRUTH about him and his actions.

IF THEY DO, THEY’RE STUPID! The Obama crowd says “a majority of Americans agree that we should “tax the rich” more than anyone else. That’s a LIE! Any who do are STUPID! The rich are the ONLY SOURCE of money, profits, and TAXES! To destroy their INCENTIVE to INVEST their money is committing ECONOMIC SUICIDE! When are these ignorant politicians going to learn this?

ARROGANCE AND STUPIDITY: That combination in Washington is sickening. But that’s what we have today: politicians who have no idea what they’re doing, yet think they’re smarter than all the rest of us. Apparently they’re not smart enough to realize how STUPID they are.

“RAPE TREES”: In South United States, “coyotes” think raping the women they bring across the border is their right. And they’re proud of it. So they take these women’s panties and put them up in trees to announce it. These trees are now called “rape trees.” Does anybody think illegal immigration is a “victimless crime?”


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