Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Truth Doesn't Matter to Liberals

They want to “make their own truth” by repeating a lie over and over until their “useful idiots” who pay no attention to politics believe it. You know, those people who help them spout their lies and want to fight you if you try to set them straight?

IT MUST BE UNCONSTITUTIONAL, TOO: A (Clinton appointee) judge has ruled the Arizona immigration law unconstitutional in all important respects and blocked the enforcement of those parts of it. I guess that makes the federal law it mirrored unconstitutional, too, doesn’t it? But you’ll never hear that in the media.

WE DON’T HAVE THE RESOURCES”: That’s what ICE says about the Arizona law. “It will unduly burden the system.” Maybe we should repeal the drug laws, too. Don’t they “unduly burden the system,” too? How about the murder laws? We only solve a small percentage of the murders in this country, anyway, right?

“WE KNOW THE FREE MARKET IS A JOKE”: This is what a top official in the Obama administration said, and wants us to believe. Only problem is, without the free market, our goose is cooked. Without the free market and the taxable income it produces, there will be no money for the liberal looters to take away from us, to spend on things we hate.

CROSSED THE LINE: There is a very thin line between freedom of the press and treason. WikiLeaks has crossed it, and its owner should end up in prison.

LIBERALS HATE RICH PEOPLE: Bill Clinton loses no opportunity to tell people how rich he is now, after he looted us as president. Why do they not hate him? How about Charlie Rangel, who writes tax laws he doesn’t obey? He’s rich, like most people who have been in Congress for a while, even if they were paupers when they came there.

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