Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Count On Jimmy

If you want a famous politician to go to a foreign dictator, “hat in hand,” and beg for somebody’s freedom, you can always count on Jimmy Carter. That’s the only thing he’s good at, besides swinging a hammer for free. He certainly isn’t good enough at it to do it for money. But he’ll go and beg a dictator for something at the drop of a hat; and he’ll even drop the hat.

MUSLIMS HATE US: New York’s mayor says the New York City bomber may have been many things: all of them right-wing. But it turns out upon further investigation that he was—wait for it—a Muslim. We don’t hate Muslims, Muslims hate US! When is Mayor Bloomberg going to get that through his thick skull? Probably never.

TEA PARTIES BRINGING FASCISM? What a LOAD that is! The liberal stooges who are saying this are showing their complete IGNORANCE of just what Fascism IS. Fascism is a form of COLLECTIVISM. As is SOCIALISM. Nothing could be further from what the Tea Parties wish for this country. How STUPID do they think we are?

OBAMA: ALWAYS SHELTERED: He has always been told how smart he is. His supporters explain away his gaffes by saying he’s so smart he forgets others aren’t as smart as he is, so he says things they don’t understand. If he did “F” level work in school, he got an “A” anyway. Much like liberals want for all school children. He really BELIEVES he’s smarter than anybody else because that’s what he’s always been told. He doesn't know any better.

HOW HE TAKES HIS COFFEE: There’s an ad on the radio intimating that we would like to know things like how Obama takes his coffee in the morning. I couldn’t care LESS about how he takes his coffee or whether he wears Boxers or briefs (a la Bill Clinton). All I want to know about him is how quick we can get rid of him and if we can emasculate him in Congress in November 2010.

“FOR WEALTHY AMERICANS: Democrats are still promoting the myth that Bush’s tax cuts were “for only the wealthiest Americans.” That’s one of their biggest LIES. Even Fox News propagates that myth. His tax cuts were for ALL Americans. They were a reduction in the base tax RATE, which affects EVERYBODY.

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