Sunday, August 15, 2010

Definition Is Key

Islam IS a “religion of peace.” But Muslims have a very different DEFINITION of “peace” than we do. To them, according to the Koran (or however else they spell it today), “peace” is when everybody who ISN’T a Muslim is dead and ALL countries in the world are Muslim. And if they have to kill all those not Muslim, the Koran says that’s not only okay, that’s an order. 1

LYING IS OKAY: In the Koran, it is okay to LIE to advance the interests of Islam. Not so in the Bible or Torah. Language is also important. Imams regularly LIE to people in America, in English, then go to a country that speaks a different language (or even right here in the U. S.) and say something completely different in a language we don’t understand.

IT’S NO HIJACK: Muslim extremists who kill people in the name of Islam are NOT “hijacking” the Muslim religion. They’re carrying out the literal “orders” contained in the Koran. If you don’t believe that, READ the Koran (One you get from a trusted source). The reason “mainstream Muslims” don’t speak out against them is that these people will KILL them for doing so.

RUSH MAKES A MISTAKE! He doesn’t make many, but he did when he said the government doesn’t produce anything. He should have said the government doesn’t produce anything WORTHWHILE. Then he would have been right. The Chevrolet Volt is NOT “something worthwhile.” Yes, it IS ”something.” Taxes Are “something, but they’re not “something worthwhile.”

RECESSION IS OVER: That’s what Obama and his defenders want us to believe. But how can we believe that LIE when unemployment numbers go to the highest point in years? He touted 71,000 new jobs, but didn’t mention more than 300,000 jobs LOST during the same month. He says he “saved” many jobs, but how do you measure “saved” jobs? You can't, and that’s what he’s counting on.

IGNORING DEMOCRATS: The media regularly identified the party affiliation of people they feel are doing a “good job,” but routinely IGNORE the party affiliation of those who are found with their hands in the “cookie jar.” Such as Maxine Waters, Democrat representative from California, whose husband profited handsomely from her being in Congress; or Democrat Charlie Rangel, who was “nonplussed” that a newsman would ask him a REAL question about his ignoring of his tax obligations, those he committed between WRITING the tax code for the rest of us.

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