Saturday, August 28, 2010


Another “made-up word” to make it seem like anybody who doesn’t like Muslim terrorists is somehow mentally aberrant. They took that idea from the word “homophobia,” which assumes that ANYBODY who doesn’t like gays is somehow mentally aberrant. I have nothing against gays OR Muslims when they don’t try and kill me. But I resent these efforts to make people think I am mentally aberrant by inventing words.

RELEASED ON THEIR OWN RECOGNIZANCE: Obama amazes me at the STUPIDITY of his actions. But he never surprises me. When they catch an illegal immigrant, even one from a Muslim country where many people wish to do us harm live, his government releases them on their own recognizance INSIDE THE COUNTRY. Is he HOPING for a terrorist act to rival the world Trade Center? Does he WANT someone to murder thousands MORE Americans? Maybe not. But it sure LOOKS that way. Bill Clinton complained thet HE didn't have something like 9/11 happen during his administration. How STUPID are these people?

“STOKING THE FIRES”: Muslim extremists constantly “stoke the fires” and then blame it on us, inventing words like “Islamaphobia” to intimate that there is no good REASON to watch Muslims closely. Seems to me there are a lot of Muslims bent on unreasonably killing Americans, which gives me a GOOD REASON to suspect them.

UNREASONABLE HATRED: The wife of the Muslim extremist Imam who wants to ”slap us in the face” by building a Mosque just FEET from what used to be the World Trade Center, which 19 MUSLIMS destroyed along with up to 3,000 innocent lives, says we have an ‘UNREASONABLE FEAR” of Muslims. I would not call it “unreasonable” in any way. I would call that woman STUPID for even thinking we would accept her faulty reasoning.

BUT HE’S NOT A MUSLIM! I’ve noticed that whenever ANYBODY talks about the possibility of Obama being a Muslim, they HASTEN to assure you they don’t think so. I don’t think so, either. I’ve seen no proof he is. But I HAVE seen proof he is a Muslim SYMPATHIZER. It makes no difference to me whether or not he IS a Muslim. He is doing everything he can to help the Muslim extremists destroy this country. That’s good enough for me.

ERASING OTHER RELIGIONS: Islam has been doing its best to erase references to other religions for thousands of years. One Mosque in Constantinople was built on the ruins of a Christian church after the Muslims CONQUERED the Christians. They LOVE to build Mosques on top of places where they have had a victory, to commemorate that victory for all time. That is why they want to build a Mosque just FEET from the ruins of the World Trade Center, which they destroyed, quite by accident. They were as surprised as anybody when the buildings collapsed.

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