Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Daily Outrage

Every day Obama or his people do something that is an OUTRAGE to ALL Americans. How long do they think we will put up with it? How long do they think it will be before there is an armed insurrection? Do they WANT one? So they can get rid of people who oppose them?

CHARLIE’S A FOOL: Congressman/tax writer/tax cheat Charlie Wrangel is running for an umty-umpth term in Congress while at the same time fighting ethics and tax charges. Does he think the people in his state are STUPID? ARE they? Will they return him to congress so we’ll have to get rid of him in spite of it? He's counting on it.

CREATING A DEPRESSION: An ex Bank of England executive says “dumping Bush’s tax reductions will bring on a full depression. I hope he’s wrong, but unfortunately, I think he’s right. But what can we do about it? Obama has plenty of time yet to do it before we either emasculate him or get rid of him altogether. All he has to do is just “let it happen.”

RAISING TAXES IN A RECESSION: ALL economists not under Obama’s spell agree that raising taxes in a recession will only make the recession WORSE. Yet all Obama has been doing since he was elected is creating “programs” that WILL raise our taxes while telling us they will not. How STUPID does he think we are?

THE FT. HOOD KILLER: Is he going to be prosecuted effectively? I haven’t heard a single word about that in MONTHS. What’s HAPPENING in that case? Is DOJ or the military authorities working on it or are they ignoring it, hoping we’ll forget about it? We aren’t going to.

PUT HIM IN JAIL: We can’t get rid of Obama until 2012 unless he does something so odious we can impeach him. But we CAN get rid of AlGore, simply by charging him with a swindle, based on his “global warming/climate change” swindle. There is no PROOF of anything he is predicting, and he’s made himself a BILLIONAIRE with his swindle. One of his predictions said we had TEN YEARS left. That was MORE than FIFTEEN YEARS AGO.

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