Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beating A Dead Horse

Liberals are still trying to convince the country that Bush was “inept” when it came to handling Hurricaine Katrina. But it wasn’t Bush who was inept. It was the (then) Louisiana governor and the (then and current) New Orleans mayor (Ray [“Schoolbus”] Nagin who screwed the whole thing up from “day one.” After his fiasco in not using his schoolbuses to rescue people and letting them be drowned out, I’d have bet he couldn’t be elected dog catcher. I underestimated the stupidity of liberal voters.

NO DETAILS: Liberals (Democrats, mostly) make "pronouncements" over and over, but never give any details to back them up. Because they can't. There ARE no “details” to back up what they’re saying because usually what they’re saying is a lie. To win a debate with a liberal, demand details and ask “why” every so often. You’ll have them smoking from the ears.

MORE DEAD HORSE BEATING: The liberals in our media (which are a majority) are still beating the dead horse about the Gulf oil spill and oil, in the form of “tar balls” still washing up on the beach. This time it’s in the Funky Winkerbean comic strip where Mr. Montoni of Funky’s pizza parlor is on a Gulf beach cleaning birds with “tar balls” being obvious in the water. Unfortunately for them, “tar balls” are few and far between with liberals searching desperately for the oil, most of which has been “eaten” by Mother Nature. The total oil, put in perspective, is like a thimbleful of oil in a swimming pool.

IT’S NOT ABOUT A MOSQUE! It’s about people who think we “deserved” 9/11 building it in the (former) shadow of buildings that are no longer there because members of that religion flew airplanes into them and killed THOUSANDS of people, among them men, women, AND children. It’s about the “SLAP IN THE FACE” the very BUILDING of a mosque in that location BY these people represents. To allow them to build it would be a propaganda victory of stupendous proportions for the Muslim terrorists.

IT’S NOT ABOUT RELIGION: It just happens that the people who committed the atrocity of 9/11 were Muslims to a man. That they profess to “hate all Americans” for some imagined slight from years ago SAID they did it FOR Muslims; that Muslims worldwide did NOT stand up and condemn this act, and some even “danced in the streets” because of it. People who did what they did (and I don’t care if they believe in Zingo, the God of green men), it was wrong what they did and to even build a monument to their murderers (and that's what they're doing) is an affront to every American.

A SHINTO SHRINE AT PEARL HARBOR: Would we have objected if the Japanese announced plans to build a Shinto (Japan’s main religion) shrine in Pearl Harbor right after World War 2, the scene of their surprise attack that killed ANOTHER several thousand Americans? You damn betcha! What the hell is WRONG with these people who think we’re wrong to object?

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