Thursday, August 26, 2010

"But We Know He's Not"

I’ve noticed that every commentator I’ve heard mention the argument over whether or not Obama is a Muslim always hastens to assure us he (Obama) is not a Muslim. Methinks they doth protest too much. Why do they need to quickly assure us he “isn’t” a Muslim? Even those on the right do it. Are they afraid somebody is going to call them something?

TALKING POINTS: Every time any Democrat talks about Bush’s tax cuts (for EVERYBODY, rich or poor, except those who pay NO taxes) they add the words, “for the richest.” That has become obvious that this is one of the basic “talking points” coming right from the top, and is obviously a LIE to anybody with a modicum of intelligence.

“INTERVENING IN THE MUSLIM WORLD”: That’s what Muslim sympathizers call what we’re doing. That’s their typical twisting of reality. The MUSLIM extremists are “interfering in OUR WORLD.” If they’d stop killing innocent people, we’d “stop interfering in their world.” Not until.

MORE TWISTING OF REALITY: Muslim sympathizers say the United states has more Muslim blood on its hands than Osama bin Laden does, What a LOAD! This is yet another blatant twisting of reality by Muslims. In truth, we need to have MORE Muslim extremist blood on our hands.

“GET OVER IT”: Bob Beckel, liberal mouthpiece on Fox News, during a panel discussion about the proposed “slap in the face” Muslim Mosque they think they’re going to get to build just FEET from “Ground Zero” said, “At some point we have to get over 911.” Really? The relatives of the thousands of Americans murdered there, and the “first responders” who had to look at, and touch all the mangled bodies of the men, women, and CHILDREN killed there might not agree. I will certainly NEVER “get over it” until I am in my own grave. And I only saw it on television as it was happening.

BECKEL AN IRRITANT: Bob Beckel, the liberal mouthpiece on Fox News, continues to irritate me and others who are “thinking Americans” by his ignorant pronouncements. How does an ignorant jerk like that become a professor? I guess the liberals running universities don’t require much intelligence as long as the applicant “toes the liberal line.”

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