Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sharia Law?

There’s a movement afoot to impose the Muslim “Sharia Law” in America. I can’t believe they actually think Americans will ever allow that. Americans are not stupid, and they’ve known freedom. They will not allow it. Any Muslim who thinks ANY American will submit to an abomination like Sharia Law is an IMBICILE.

SACRIFICE: “Queen Michelle” tells us we need to “sacrifice.” But apparently that doesn’t apply to her or her husband. After saying that, she jumps on a 747 that is at her disposal (at taxpayer expense) and flies to Spain, where she rents 60 EXPENSIVE hotel rooms and goes out and buys some more designer dresses while BO jumps on another 747 that is at his disposal (with another trailing, just in case, also at taxpayer expense) and flies off to Chicago (land of criminal politicians, where he used to live) to play basketball with people who will let him win.

VOTER DRIVE: “Amnesty” is simply the largest “voter drive” in the history of this country. They figure (and they’re probably right) every illegal alien they “naturalize” will be a vote for Democrats. What they forget is the “backfire” from those who went by the rules to become naturalized citizens the hard way and will resent it.

DEAD GOPHERS: I see a lot of dead gophers lying beside the road every day. I also see lots of gopher holes beside the road, in “designated” gopher-protected areas. Soon they’ll put you in jail if you happen to run over and kill one who runs across the road in front of you.

IT WASN’T CLINTON: The story now is that Bill Clinton offered Sestak a job in the Obama administration if he would not run against a “favorite boy.” What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff that is! Clinton may have been the “front man,” but the offer REALLY came from Obama. Clinton by himself couldn't give a job to ANYBODY.

COMPETENCE FROM INCOMPETENCE: Bobby Jindal is a competent man. Obama is not. But when Jindal wanted to do something REAL to stop the oil spill from destroying his coastline, he had to ask permission from Obama, an INcompetent man, to do it. there’s something wrong here.

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