Saturday, August 7, 2010

"No Bullets"

A soldier in Afghanistan called home and told her family she had no bullets for her gun because Obama’s parties and giveaways cost too much and didn’t leave enough to buy the bullets she needed. She says she bought a big knife so she’d have SOME kind of protection. Typical liberals: sending people to war without protection. Looks are more important than reality. Even if people DIE because of it.

OBAMA HATES IT: It seems the only thing wrong with the Arizona immigration law is that it disagrees with Obama’s priorities, which are to do nothing to strengthen our borders. Arizona’s law messes with that. He’s the BOSS isn’t he? How can a simple GOVERNOR tell him what to do?

CREATING OR “SAVING” JOBS: Chelsea’s wedding probably “created or saved” more jobs than all of Obama’s actions put together, especially since most of Obama’s actions have COST jobs by raising taxes in a recession and making laws favoring union bosses.

CUTTING ESSENTIALS: Politicians always threaten to cut essentials, such as police and firefighters, while keeping the budget “for the arts” intact so they can continue to buy the abortions such as the brightly painted, piled up shipping containers they were conned into thinking was “art” all over downtown Denver.

LIBERALS OUTRAGED: They’re outraged that we are actually keeping Islamic terrorists we caught in the act of killing innocents prisoner. I’m outraged that THEY’RE outraged! Personally, I think we should have shot them on sight. The terrorists, not the liberals (although I'm tempted).

“KILLING THE GOLDEN GOOSE”: That’s what Obama is doing, every day, by creating and passing into law, “programs” that will raise taxes all across the board. The more he raises taxes in the face of the recession HIS people created to get him elected, the more it “kills the golden goose.”

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