Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Recession Is Over!

That’s what Obama and his accomplices are telling us. They want us to BELIEVE that lie, like he wants us to believe all his other lies. Outside of Bill Clinton, this is the lyingest president I’ve seen in my lifetime. He’s leading us down the road to perdition and most of us don’t know it, and will fight you if you try and set them straight.

WE NEED MORE STORIES LIKE THIS: A thug tried to rob a man at knife-point, whereupon the intended victim pulled his gun and took the thug’s knife, wallet, cell phone, and ran him off. He stunk because he crapped his drawers at the sight of the gun. This should happen more often.

THEY HAVE A RIGHT! Yes, Muslims DO have a right to build a Mosque just FEET away from the place where 19 Muslims murdered almost 3,000 innocent people. But do they have a MORAL right to “slap us in the face” by doing so? I don’t think so, and I predict that if it ever gets built somebody will take a page out of THEIR book and blow it up. To any feds reading this, I’m not making a suggestion.

UNION MEMBERS CHASE UNION EXECS OUT OF MEETING: The government now owns General Motors and union execs are now running it. when they tried to get workers to accept less money, the workers chased them out of the building. The shoe is now on the other foot, people. Now they're talking abouty locking them out. The UNION executives!

A PLACE OF MUSLIM INFAMY: Muslims think they can slap Americans in the face by opening a Mosque within FEET of the place where Muslim extremists murdered almost 3,000 innocent Americans and opening it on the 10th anniversary of this atrocity. How STUPID are they? They can build a Mosque anywhere else they wish. Why here?

BRING WAGES DOWN: Companies are sending jobs overseas because wages are lower there! But they never suggest lowering wages here to “stop the drain.” They just want more and more money, not even CONSIDERING the effect of their demands on the workforce.

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