Sunday, August 29, 2010

Selective Law Enforcement

Obama’s government enforces only those laws they wish to enforce. They don’t like the immigration laws so when local authorities turn illegal immigrants (of whatever race) over to them, they “release them on their own recognizance, even if they’re obviously Islamic terrorists. They also refuse to properly enforce the laws regarding voting in the military. What else do they ignore?

WHY PEOPLE THINK OBAMA IS MUSLIM: Every pundit and radio personality who reports on this question hastens to say “it’s a mistake to think he is a Muslim.” Why is that? They’re afraid of being called “homophobic” (that new “made-up word” designed to discredit ANYBODY who goes against Muslim interests). I can tell you why so many people think he’s a Muslim; it’s because he does everything he can to help Muslims do whatever they want to Americans. If he’s NOT a Muslim, he’s a “Muslim Fellow Traveler,” which is just as bad. And it’s his own actions that prove it.

FASTEST GROWING RELIGION: The fastest-growing religion in America is the Muslim religion. Not because it’s so great; it isn’t. Because Muslims breed like rabbits. They move here, legally and illegally and have kids. They teach them to hate America and all it stands for so when they grow up they are enemies of America and Americans. Not because we’re so bad, but because their “leaders” have lied to them their whole lives, just like the country from which they came.

USEFUL IDIOTS: Top on that list is New York City Mayor Bloomberg, who is in favor of the “slap in the face” planned by Muslims building a Mosque practically on the graves of Muslim victims at the World Trade Center. They love to build Mosques on sites where they have CONQUERED places owned by non-Muslims. They become permanent monuments to their victories. That’s what this New York Mosque is going to be: a MONUMENT to their “accidental victory” on 9/11.

ABJECT STUPIDITY OF LIBERALS: You can’t make this stuff up, folks! There’s a blog out there (really!) called “The Tall Blog,” supposedly about tall people. They recently wrote, “To all hunters who kill for food; shame on you; you ought to go to the store and buy the meat that was made there, where no animals were harmed.” Where the hell do they think the meat originally came from? Boy, are these people STUPID! Unfortunately, they vote. (Thanks to TYSK)

CRIMINALS PREFER UNARMED VICTIMS: They're easier to victimize with the illegal guns they carry. The tighter the gun laws, the easier they are to get illegally. Where guns are easier to legally obtain, the harder it is on criminals, who break laws for a living. If they can't be sure their intended victim won't be armed, maybe they'll go into a different line of work.

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