Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who Is Funding It?

The Obama administration is talking about “investigating” the funding of various “right-wing” groups. So why don’t we “investigate” organizations like “Media Matters” and others funded by “” and George Soros, who funds MOST of the left-wing organizations, including the now defunct ACORN organization, which has changed its name, since we “found them out.” I’m sure there are many more such Soros-funded organizations we don’t even know about.

“INVESTIGATED” FOR DISAGREEING: DOJ is “investigating Joe Arpaio for doing his job according to Arizona law. Nancy Peelosi wants to “trace the money” of people who oppose the building of a Mosque FEET away from the site of 9/11. what kind of FOOLS have we elected?

FREEDOM OF RELIGION: Not “freedom FROM religion.” That’s what the Constitution says. It says the government “shall make NO LAW regarding religion, or the practice thereof.” But that’s what they’ve been doing regularly since the liberals took over. What part of “NO LAW” don’t they understand?

ANYTHING EXCEPT CHRISTIANITY: You can put up ANY symbol of a religion on government property EXCEPT a Christian cross. You can teach ANY religion in school EXCEPT Christianity. This is ABSURD in a nation that was BEGUN as a “Christian nation” by the Founders’ own words.

LIES, LIES, LIES! They said they had to pass the “jobs bill” (which is another “stimulus bill under another name) IMMEDIATELY so they could hire back teachers who have been laid off. So they passed it. Now we find out the teachers aren’t going to be hired back. They’re going to put that money “aside” for “emergencies.” Typical liberal lies.

NATURALLY: The DOJ says there will be NO “special counsel” appointed to “investigate” the Sestak bribery case. With Obama controlling the means of prosecution of his own job offer to Sestak, is anybody surprised?

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