Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Liberation Theology

It says you can’t be “saved” unless everybody else in the world (without exception) is “saved,” too. This is absurd! Your “sins” are those alone. Therefore, your “salvation” is ALSO yours alone. This is what Obama believes, and what he has SAID he believes. This is the “Rev. Wright” thinking that he absorbed in the 20 years he listened to it.

MUSLIMS HAVE THE RIGHT: They DO have the “right” to build a $100 million dollar Mosque within FEET of the site of the biggest Muslim-created tragedy in the history of the world. The LEGAL right. But do they have the MORAL right to “stick a finger in the eye of all Americans” by building a permanent memorial to the 18 Muslim KILLERS who MURDERED almost 3,000 innocent men, women, and CHILDREN at the World Trade Center? No; I say they’ll never get it built. Just the SUGGESTION that it will be built is insane and a “slap in the face” to all mericans.

DON’T MENTION IT: Obama’s government thugs have received orders NOT to mention the fiction (lie) Obama has told over and over that his health care swindle will NOT increase the national debt, but will, in fact, LOWER it. He’s hoping we will forget his obvious lie now his bill has become law.

SHARIA LAW: If Muslims think Americans will EVER allow Sharia Law to be enforced on real Americans (not Muslim-Americans), they are STUPID. Americans, who have known freedom, will never allow it. They say we “should not FEAR Sharia Law.” We do not FEAR it. We just will not ACCEPT it. And will FIGHT any effort to impose it upon us. We will NEVER allow a system from the fifteenth century to control our every move.

FORCING US INTO ISLAM: Islam ORDERS all Muslims to work to FORCE all “Infidels” (those not now Muslim) to become Muslims whether or not they want it. This CANNOT happen in a country whose Constitution guarantees freedom of religion as long as the Constitution is recognized as the BASIS for the “law of the land.

IT’S NOT RACISM: Muslims accuse ALL who oppose becoming Islamic of being racists. Those who do this are STUPID. I will not submit to a several thousand year old religion lost in the past because someone calls me a racist. I know what I am, and they can’t make me into a racist by calling me that.

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