Thursday, August 5, 2010

Asassination Protection

VP Joe Biden (BiteMe) and Speaker of the House Nancy Peelosi right behind him in succession. Nobody with any intelligence at all would DARE assassinate him unless they could get them all together in the same place. Not that I’m suggesting anything, you understand.

IT AMAZES ME: Obama says he’s going to “create or save” jobs. How can he do that when as one of his first acts in the presidency, he engineered massive unemployment in the auto industry by closing thousands of GM dealerships? And while he forces GM to make cars nobody wants and will not buy without that $7,500 gift of taxpayer money he has promised?

“POST-PARTISAN”: To Obama, bipartisanship is abandoning your principles and agreeing with him. So to be “post-partisan,” you have to agree with him on everything. I’m sorry; I don’t agree with him on ANYTHING so I guess I’m just “post-Obama.”

TEA PARTIES RACIST: I don’t know what’s worse; being called names, or being called names by people who are constantly talking about “tolerance.” (Stolen from Mallard Fillmore) Seems to me, most of the racists in this country are the liberals who are calling US racist.

20% LAYOFFS: That’s what’s soon to happen in Cuba, one of the remaining communist (collectivist) societies in the world. 98% of Cubans work for the government, so you tell me where those laid off are going to go. Castro (Raul) is recommending “self employment.” Wait a minute! Isn’t that CAPITALISM? Golly gee gawrsh!

THE REST OF THE STORY: Obama says 90,000 American troops have come home from Iraq since he took office. He doesn’t say how many Iraqis have died because of it. He touts that as an accomplishment, as if “running for the hills” took effort.

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