Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shirley sherrod Is Still A Racist

She ADMITTED being one in the past, just as did many other Democrats when it became a bad thing to be a racist. It is more convenient nowadays for them to CLAIM no longer to be racists, just as the communists who are STILL running Russia CLAIM no longer to be communists, but are SOCIALISTS (there are only cosmetic differences between communism and socialism). Remember, their very NAME was the “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.” To see if they're still racists, just watch what they DO, not what they SAY.

CRIMINAL ACTS BY CONGRESS: Any member of ANY lawmaking body who votes for or against a bill they cannot prove having read beforehand, should be first removed from their elective office and prosecuted for violation of the oath they took to defend the Constitution of the United States; Then they should be imprisoned for a term not to exceed the remainder of their elected time in office, but not less than five years. This should be at “hard labor,” not in one of the “country club prisons” to which other “white collar criminals” are sent.

$6 MILLION A YEAR WORTH OF ASSISTANTS: First Lady Michelle Obama has so many assistants to keep her “schedule” that she needs another personal assistant to keep track of them all—and this while we’re in a recession. I guess this is her way of helping the jobs picture, except this kind of job doesn’t help the economy because it only takes tax money and spreads it around among her friends. Hillary only had 3; Jackie Kennedy 1, and Laura Bush 1. Before that, none. She must really think she’s “something special” to rate that many “personal assistants” at taxpayer expense.

DISCREDITED? YURASS! Doonesbury recently described Andrew Breitbart as “discredited” on his web site, based on his running the “partial” video that Obama lyingly says got her fired because she was going to be on the Glenn Beck show on Fox News. Truth is, he didn’t even KNOW about it until AFTER she was fired. But truth has never meant anything to liberals. They continue their lies, even after they’ve been PROVEN to be lies. Actually, it’s Doonesbury who has been ”discredited,” many times. Especially since he once said, “I’m a cartoonist. I don’t HAVE to tell the truth.” And he certainly doesn’t, when he portrays Sarah Palin as wanting to “off the oppressor.”

JEFFERSON HAD IT RIGHT: Thomas Jefferson said, “We must not let our rulers saddle us with perpetual debt.” Does anybody know that’s exactly what Obama is doing to us right now? Right out in the open! Can anybody with any intelligence at all, miss it? Damn! I can’t believe how IGNORANT people in this country are! What does he have to DO to wake us up and make us get RID of him?

THINGS COULD BE WORSE! That’s the Democrat message to America. Harry Reid said as much at that recent liberal meeting in Las Vegas (the one everybody paid a lot of money to attend, mostly donated money). He said, “Without us, things would be a lot worse.” How the hell does he figure that? Everything the liberals have done since Obama was elected, and BEFORE, has made it worse. And as long as they are in control, it will CONTINUE to get worse.


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