Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Part Don't You Understand?

Obama and his parasites just don’t seem to understand that it is their POLICIES we hate, not Obama’s “color problem.” He is as much white as he is black, so why should we be at all concerned with his “blackness?” Seems to me it is OBAMA who is mostly conscious of his “blackness.” I don’t care if he is purple with pink polka-dots. I HATE his policies, which are well on their way to destroying this country as a free nation.

60 FREAKING ROOMS! Obama’s elitist wife went to Spain over his birthday weekend and rented SIXTY ROOMS! What the hell does she need SIXTY ROOMS for? Does she think she is the “Queen of Sheba?” I think this woman has “gone off the deep end” thinking she is much better than the rest of us. I don’t care what color she is. She’s a snob and shows it every way she can.

DON’T ACCUSE ME OF RACISM: For not being in favor of Obama’s policies. If you do, I’ll slap you silly if you do it to my face. If you do it otherwise, don’t come to see me any time soon, or you’ll lose a few teeth. I may be old and barely able to walk, but I can still slap you silly if I get mine in first; and I will.

“QUEEN” MICHELLE: Michelle Obama obviously thinks she is the “queen of America,” since she acts like a queen every time she gets a chance. She has “assistants” costing taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars. Many more than any first lady before her. She goes to Spain on what—the eighth “vacation” since Barack was inaugurated and spends money like it was water, taking 60 ROOMS. Yes, she needs a lit of rooms for her extensive “queenly” entourage. But does she really NEED such an entourage?

“QUEEN MOTHER” NANCY: Nancy Peelosi also thinks she is a queen, and acts the part, demanding and GETTING her own personal airplane for her own use, and for the use of her staff. This is not something a Senator should have, at taxpayer expense. But “Queen Nancy” demands it and gets it. I’m waiting to see what happens when Nancy’s demands conflict with those of “Queen Michelle.”

OAKLAND CAN’T AFFORD POLICE: They say they can’t afford to pay the cops to “fight crime.” But I’d bet a lot they aren’t cutting their budget “for the arts.” Denver is in similar shape, but the mayor refuses to cut the “arts budget” and keeps buying those abortions they put in public parks at prices way higher than they’re worth (if they’re worth ANYTHING).

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