Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Draining the Swamp"

Nancy is keeping her promise (somewhat). She's "draining the swamp." But what she's "dredging up" are DEMOCRATS. Like Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters. How many other Democrats are there out there conning the rest of us while the spotlight is on these two and Rangel is telling her to "crap or get off the pot."

COLLECTIVE SALVATION: It doesn’t exist. They’re trying to convince you that your own salvation depends on the salvation of others. That’s wrong. Just as the church preaching “social justice” is wrong. I’m not going to preach religion of any kind, except to tell you that since your SINS are individual, so is your salvation. That’s common sense. I’m all about common sense, not what you’re taught by the left.

OBAMA—GO PEE UP A ROPE: That’s what Missouri is telling Obama, having passed a measure that says it, with regard to his law FORCING people to buy health insurance. He doesn’t like it. This state is not the first to tell him to “go to hell.” I won’t buy it. I won’t pay their fine. They can send me to jail if they want, and feed me..

THE OIL DISASTER IS OVER: And Obama hates it. That much is obvious in his tone of voice as he announces it, taking full credit for ending it, as usual. He hates it because he has no more reason to kick BP around any more. Oh; if you want a way to figure out how big this “disaster” really was, no matter what Obama says, picture dropping a thimble full of oil into a swimming pool and watching “Mother Nature” destroy it.

WHY DRILL SO DEEP? That’s the question in my mind. Drilling that far out and that deep is silly because it is dangerous. But it is necessary because federal regulations will not allow us to drill closer in. So I guess that makes the oil spill the fault of the feds.

FEDS (OBAMA) FIGHTING NOT TO ENFORCE IMMIGRATION LAWS: Even to the point of SUING Arizona to stop THEM from doing it. What an amazingly STUPID administration this is! Obama won’t “interfere in local business” to stop Muslims from “slapping our faces” by building a Mosque just FEET from the site where Muslim terrorists massacred up to 3,000 innocent American men, women AND children. But he WILL sue Arizona to keep them from enforcing an immigration law almost a duplicate of the federal law he will NOT enforce.

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