Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stupidest Statement Ever Made!

That is Nancy Peelosi’s statement that “We need to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” That’s not how we do things in America. Any congressperson that votes in a bill he/she hasn’t read and understands is guilty of malfeasance and needs to be removed from office. One congressman even SCOFFED at the idea of having to READ the bills they vote on because they’re too long and the leaders don’t give them long enough to read them.

DEMOCRATS FAILED: During the election they were criticizing Bush for having a 5% unemployment rate (and everything else, real or imagined). They said the tax reductions were going to cause a recession (The tax cuts helped prolong the longest economic boom ever, caused by Reagan’s tax cuts), but it was their own “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976” that really did it.. That law FORCED lenders to loan money to deadbeats. They knew that, but they did it anyway to gain votes for Obama and his accomplices in 2008. Now the unemployment rate is just below 10%! TWICE what it was under Bush. They’re STILL criticizing Bush every day, and every way.

HOW TO CREATE JOBS: Obama knows full well how to create jobs, but he won’t do it. It is just GETTING OUT OF THE WAY. But he insists on his many Keynesian Economics idiotic “bailout” programs, which “create” NO jobs at all, while he continues to raise taxes and spend our money, willy-nilly. Every action he has taken makes the jobs picture worse, but he’ll never admit it.

FIVE TIMES! A reporter asked Obama’s press hack, Gibbs if Obama was going to credit Bush with the Surge, more than FIVE TIMES. He counted the number of times she asked, but he never answered it satisfactorily. I guess she’ll just have to keep asking it until he stops running away from the answer. Actually, there IS no answer that won’t show Obama for the liar he is. Candidate Obama said several times, that the Surge would never work. President Obama, on the other hand, says it DID work, and it was HIS idea. Taking credit for the works of others is an Obama trademark.

REPUBLICANS HATE HISPANICS: That’s what a Hispanic government official who loves Hugo Chavez and his socialist government says to schoolchildren. And people wonder why today’s schoolchildren are confused. Frankly, I think it is DEMOCRATS who hate Hispanics—at least, those who don’t work for them and spread the liberal lies.

MUSLIMS VOW “NOT TO TAKE OVER AMERICA”: As if they could! Talk about supreme confidence! These are the cockiest people I know. The Koran says it’s okay for Muslims to LIE in order to “spread the faith.” So why should we believe them when they promise not to try? The only way they will EVER “take over” this country is by moving here and breeding like rabbits, then use their majority to do so. They’ll never do it by blowing up innocents.

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