Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Level Playing Field?"

Obama says he wants a “level playing field” concerning his “health care plan.” He says if people like their current plan they should be allowed to keep it while he comes in with a plan he SAYS is just as good for half the price, or for NOTHING (except higher taxes and more government control for everyone). He can do this because the government does not have to include the same COSTS in his plan that private carriers do. THIS is a “level playing field?” I don’t think so. Private companies, which DO have to pay their COSTS, cannot compete with a government, which does NOT. Who does he think he’s kidding?

HIGHER ELECTRIC PRICES: The “Cap & Trade bill,” just passed in the House, is a “jobs killer” that will cause massive increases in the cost, thus the price of energy (electricity and other forms of energy) while putting a lot more power in Obama’s hands (which is the REAL purpose of the law). If you want to lower your standard of living by paying much higher energy prices, go ahead and support this bill.

PLATITUDES: I get really tired of hearing Senators and Congresspeople utter platitudes such as “we’re dealing with the public’s business” while they go about taking away rights and money from that selfsame “public.” It’s a load of brown stuff.

WHY DO IRANIANS BLOCK THE NEWS? It’s because they want to kill the dissenters without the world knowing what they’re doing. It’s the only thing they know. Having no experience with a government such as ours, they think the only way to deal with dissent is to kill the dissenters. They do recognize that other countries don’t operate the same way and will undoubtedly object. So they try and keep that knowledge from them in self-defense.

CHANGING HIS MIND: Obama strongly criticized George Bush for doing what he is planning now regarding the prisoners in Gitmo. He doesn’t think you will remember that, and most people who don’t pay attention to politics, will not. He has changed his mind and done many things for which he criticized Bush when he was but a “presidential hopeful.” He’s finding it a little different when it is HIS responsibility to make decisions that can affect the lives of millions.

THE “FIX IS IN”: Obama’s accomplices pushed the “Cap & Trade” bill through “in a hurry so we wouldn’t realize (in time) that it is the biggest tax swindle ever, so far. NOBODY knows for sure what's in it. Nobody COULD have read it. It was released just HOURS before the vote, and NOBODY can read that fast.

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