Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Won't Be Here

I may not get to post much this week. My brother died last Monday, making me the (unwilling) patriarch of the Thomas family. I will be obligated first with trying to get the money to go home and help bury him, then with what happens there. I hope I make it. Bob and my younger brother Rick are responsible for what I'm doing today, since they were the ones who insisted I read "Atlas Shrugged," the book that opened my eyes ans allowed me to "read between the lines" in the lying national press. I think he may be "haranguing" God to do something about Obama and his scams and schemes.

BANKS “GOING UNDER”: No less that FIVE banks in California (that bankrupt state) have gone down in one day. Newspeople are still asking “what’s going on?” as if they knew nothing about the Democrats forcing lenders to loan money to deadbeats and thus CAUSING the “economic slowdown and doing everything they can to make it WORSE by printing money apace, while CLAIMING they are “making progress.”

IRAN THUGS TAKE 2 HOSTAGES: The same thugs who took a bunch of American embassy people hostage back in Jimmy Carter’s time have AGAIN taken hostages (I say the same thugs because Ahmadinijerk is one of the kidnappers before he was “given” the presidency). They’ve “arrested” and “convicted” two American journalists, and sentenced them to many years in prison. I say “given” because in Iran, NO ONE the Mullahs don’t want in there ever gets elected to ANYTHING.

ACORN TO RUN CENSUS: “Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King introduced an amendment that would bar the Census Bureau from disbursing taxpayer funds to the activist group ACORN — but Democrats immediately squelched the measure, King disclosed.” (News Max) ACORN is under indictment for election fraud and other kinds of corruption (and I’m talking abut their TOP officers, not just “low-level employees” as they say), but that (as usual) makes no difference to Democrats.

BILLY MAYS DIES: You know Billy Mays; he’s been “everywhere” in the media hawking product after product with his “fast-talking” pitch. He has just been found dead of an undetermined (as this is written) cause. What IS it with fifty-year-old media figures such as Billy and Michael Jackson? I hope there is no connection (other than juxtaposition of time) with these two deaths. We’ll wait for more developments.

SLAPPING AHMINIJERK DOWN: Someone needs to slap Ahminijerk down. He seems to think he and his insignificant little third-world country are capable of “making the West (meaning the U. S.) suffer.” Maybe we need to make HIM suffer to convince him he isn’t “such a much.” He reminds me of an flea climbing up an elephant’s leg with rape on its mind.

CAN’T WE JUST SHUT UP? Michael Jackson was a true genius. His music was amazing, and came easily to him. He once went home one night and came back the next morning with a song that sold millions. His dancing was great. All that being said, can we now just SHUT UP about him? I’m getting tired of hearing about him and seeing his mug everywhere. The only GOOD thing about it is his has replaced Obama’s mug.

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