Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"No Pork," Huh?

“Obama boasted that his near-trillion-dollar stimulus bill contained ‘no earmarks,’ but in fact it was bursting with pork for favored constituencies -- including billions for the folks (and critters) back home in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's district and in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's Nevada.” (Human Events) How does Obama define “earmarks?” Apparently not the same way we do. ‘Could it be he’s LYING?

“THOUGHT CRIME”: “Many Americans can only shake their heads at the nutty excesses of multiculturalism in Canada, where ‘Human Rights Commissions’ prosecute conservatives and Christians for ‘hate crimes’ because they speak their minds about Islam or homosexuality. That kind of thing could never happen here, right? Wrong, reveals HUMAN EVENTS -- the use of Canadian-style ‘commissions’ to stifle free speech is already under way in some American cities and localities.” They’re working to pass a “hate crimes” law right now (as this is written). Under this “law,” they can “define” what you say as a “hate crime” and prosecute you for it. That makes it a subjective law, which should never be allowed to pass.

CONTROLLING YOUR CHILDREN: The government already controls what is taught your children from age five up, which has already created a country made up of “collectivist (socialist) believers, since even the TEACHERS now are such, having been brought up in this socialist-teaching atmosphere. Now they want to control them from BIRTH. “That, in essence, is what Barack Obama proposes in his ‘Zero to Five’ plan -- a collection of programs aimed at getting the government involved in the raising of your children literally from the moment they are born.” (Human Events)

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT? Democrats are peeing their pants because the CIA is tracking down and killing al-Qaida leaders. Funny; I thought that was what we did in time of war: track down and kill the other side’s leaders, hoping to end the war. “Congressional liberals must think Americans have very short memories. For years the Left trashed the Bush administration for not capturing and killing Osama bin Laden. Democrats claimed they could get the job done. Campaigning for president, Barack Obama made “We will kill bin Laden” a regular part of his foreign policy stump speech.” I remember that. (Human Events)

DOCTORS FEEDING ADDICTION? Did his doctor kill Michael Jackson? Did Anna Nicole smith’s doctor kill her? We don’t know, and may never know because doctors are very good at covering up such things. Jackson SAID he became addicted to pain killers as a result of burning his hair during a Pepsi commercial. Smith was addicted and did not say an “unslurred word” in the last year of her life. Her personal physician was known to feed her addiction. Did that kill her? We need much better control over doctors who serve famous people and the prescriptions they write.

STAMPEDE: This is just one of the things Obama wants to “stampede us” into passing. In fact, every time he wants to con us into agreeing to our own destruction, he tries to “stampede us” into it. Ayn Rand called it “the sanction of the victim.” There are so many holes in his plan you could drive a train through it, beginning with the CONCEPT itself. He doesn’t want us to look close enough at it to spot them so it’s “hurry, hurry!”

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