Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Waiting for Us to Forget

Remember that story about a violent argument between a paramedic and a state patrolman in Oklahoma while a patient waited in his ambulance? I don’t know what the argument was really about (the cop said the medic “gave me the finger”) which should not have been a reason to stop him and put this patient’s life in danger. But the “final report” in the incident has been sitting on the desk of the commander of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol for WEEKS. What’s he waiting for? For the world to forget? That’s a common ploy. I can think of no other reason to let this report sit on his desk for so long. The cop is on “administrative leave” until then. Is it a “paid vacation?”

“INHERITING” A RECESSION: What a load of stinking brown stuff! Obama didn’t “inherit” a recession, he and his lackeys CAUSED it to get elected! Now he’s trying to “solve the problem” HE created by using the failed Keynesian economic theory that you can “spend your way out of trouble.” You can’t, and what he’s doing is only going to make it worse. The ONLY solution, lowering taxes (which has increased, one time DOUBLED the “tax take” every time it has been tried), he will not even consider. What an idiot!

SOCIAL SECURITY SPENDS $¾ MILLION ON “TRAINING”: They sent 750 SS employees to a “training seminar, flying them in from all over the country for a typical bureaucratic exercise that teaches them nothing because they spend more time swimming, playing chess with giant pieces, going down water slides, and sunning themselves (and maybe having sex with each other) than learning anything. SS is broke. The “end is near.” I hope I’m dead by then. But the bureaucrats don’t care. They think they can “justify” this expense while they still have some money in the bank. They’re not worried about what happens “down the road” because by then they’ll be spending the money of some other bureau.

NO “IMPERIAL APPOINTMENTS”: We are a country of elected officials. Not of “czars.” It has been said we now have more “czars” than the Romanoff government in Russia, and we do. Why do we need “imperial appointments” of “czars” for this and that, even though we already HAVE appointed (and approved by Congress) secretaries who are supposed to do the same things, but have been denied the power by Obama? It’s all about power for Obama, not the “people.”

ALGORE STIFLES DEBATE: He has made a statement saying, in effect, “the debate is over; there will be no more debate on climate change” (They don’t call it ”global warming” any more because the globe ISN’T “warming” any more) in a blatant attempt to WIN the debate without having to argue a losing position. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more blatant con that has worked so well. What a pompous jerk he is!

TAXING THE RICH: As usual, the liberals think they can finance their “off-the-wall” ideas by taxing the rich. What they don’t understand is that there aren’t enough “rich” to pay for all their “tax and spend” schemes. They simply ignore facts that impede their plans. Like they ignore the fact that REDUCING taxes will INCREASE the “tax take” and HAS every time it has been tried.

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