Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm Baaack!

The liberals can return to being nervous about me while I continue to tell the truth about them, which they hate. I have buried my brother and interacted with my family. The next time I go there I hope it’s not for a funeral. Not even my own. He’s in a much better place, now. I am now the “patriarch” of the family and, though I didn’t want the job, I’m going to keep it as long as I can. Bob and Rick (my next younger brother) are responsible for me doing what I’m doing today after insisting I read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.” While Bob introduced me to Rush Limbaugh. The first time I ever listened to him was while sitting on Bob’s porch. Rest easy, Bob. I’m going to carry on the work as long as I can.

GOP VOTES PASSED “CAP & TRADE”: The vote totals were 219 for, 212 against. Eight Republicans voted FOR the bill. The difference was 7; which means it was the Republican votes which put it “over the top. So without the Republican voted in FAVOR of the bill, it would not have passed. I guess those Republicans are the ones most easily fooled, because they ARE fools.

Rush Limbaugh says the “state-run media helps Obama spread all these myths” such as the one about Caterpillar rehiring people after the stimulus bill (swindle) was passed. That isn’t a “myth,” Rush; it’s a LIE! Stop using “weasel words.” When somebody lies, CALL it a lie! I’m getting so sick of everybody, even people like Rush, using those “weasel words.” It’s sickening!

“OLD ATTITUDES”: Obama is criticizing :old attitudes” in his move to “legitimize” homosexuality. Personally, I couldn’t care less about what two people of the same sex do in their bedrooms. But what they do is NOT “normal and natural,” though they should be free to do it and even form enforceable contracts (not “marriage) binding them together if they wish. But gay extremists insist on nothing else BUT the changing of the very MEANING of the word “marriage.” They won’t accept it under any other name. What they will not accept is that not thinking being gay is “normal” is NOT ‘old attitudes,” it is COMMON SENSE. And Obama can’t dictate to us what “old attitudes” are and if we should be allowed to keep them. That’s none of HIS business.

THEY CAN’T DO THAT! People think that the Constitution protects us against such things as a president deciding that he can stay in office long after his two terms. They say he “can’t DO that!” A president can’t FIRE the CEO of a large company either, but did that stop Obama from firing the CEO of General Motors? How about Obama limiting the bonuses large companies pay to their executives to keep exceptional people in their employ? Has it stopped him from appointing (so far) 23 “czars” that are not “overseeable” by Congress, and are answerable ONLY to Obama? Obama can do whatever he wants, so long as nobody steps up and speaks out to stop him; and they’re not. I expect him to start talking soon about how it’s “so tragic” that an exceptional person such as himself can only serve two terms,” in preparation for introducing a bill to change all that.

POLAR BEARS THRIVING: According to the “New York Times,” no less, polar bears are THRIVING. Their numbers are FIVE TIMES as high as a few years ago. That pretty much puts the LIE to AlGore’s “global warming” swindle, doesn’t it (Oh, I forgot; he doesn’t want me to use those words any more.)? But then Al himself does that with his statement that we only have ten years left before the world ends that he started saying fifteen or more years ago. Maybe he ought to grow a long beard and go around carrying a sign saying, “The world is ending! Beware!” Or “The sky is falling!”

CHANGING HIS MIND AGAIN: Obama, who tried his best to DEFEAT the troops in Iraq, is now saying we should “be proud of them” and that those who “disagreed” are “not good people.” This makes me physically ill to hear him say such things after he did everything he could do to DEFEAT them while trying to get himself elected. What he’s REALLY saying is “those who disagree with ME are “not good people.

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