Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Problems "We Inherited"

With Obama, any “problem” he encounters was “inherited” from previous administrations, most notably the Bush administration. But soon he’s going to have to own up to his own mistakes as it becomes obvious that spending TRILLIONS of dollars will NEVER “solve” our economic problems, but will only make them worse. But he won’t. As the nation “goes down in flames” having NO money, with “economic woes” that he can’t even mask by PRINTING money, he’ll STILL be crying “we inherited this!”

SARAH’S MIDDLE FINGER: When she resigned as Alaska governor she gave her “middle finger” to the Republicans, who are still trying to “rein her in” because they think she is “embarrassing them.” What a LOAD! She is the ONLY Republican who is standing up and saying what needs to be said and she’s “taking the slings and arrows” from BOTH sides for it.

THEY’RE GONNA KEEP YOU SAFE: Wait a minute; someone recently walked into several federal buildings, including the Federal Protection Service and the Homeland Security Department, with explosives, walking around aimlessly without even being challenged. Their “most precious possessions,” the restrooms, WERE locked, but federal employees were very cooperative in letting those carrying explosives in. That reminds me of a post I used to be on when I was in security, where the front doors were “security controlled” by employees having to swipe an employee card to get in. Many times I watched as an employee used his/her card, then stood back and held the door for a stranger without one. Some security.

CHANGING HIS MIND: Obama strongly criticized George Bush for doing what he is planning now regarding the prisoners in Gitmo. He doesn’t think you will remember that, and most people who don’t pay attention to politics will not. He has changed his mind and done many things for which he criticized Bush when he was but a “presidential hopeful.” He’s finding it a little different when it is HIS responsibility to make decisions that can affect the lives of millions.

PALIN’S BEST REASON: Her best reason for quitting as governor of Alaska is the money her enemies are costing her state to defend her against all those phony ethics charges. It amounts to half a million dollars, which she will be able to pay off with pocket change after she gets her $4 million dollar advance on the book she has signed up to do. Then there’s the multi-million dollar deals that are being offered to do a TV show and a column, and you have the best reason for her to quit, even if she doesn’t run for president.

SWINDLING US AGAIN: Joe Biden “let the cat out of the bag” again. Soon Obama won’t be telling him ANYTHING. They succeeded in swindling us out of billions of dollars for the first “stimulus (swindle) package,” so they’re going to do it again. It was easy the first time, so they figure it will be easy to do it again. I don’t hold out any hope Americans are any smarter this time, so they’re probably right.

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