Thursday, July 23, 2009

Outrageous Lies

Our politicians will tell us outrageous lies to get our support for their nefarious schemes. An example: the New York mayor standing up and talking about a felon "getting a license to carry a gun one place and using it to carry a gun in other states (I don't know any state where a felon can get a license to carry) to fight a proposed law to have states recognize other state's "carry laws." Another is the president himself talking about 47 million people who don't have health insurance, to sell his health care swindle (that list includes people who don't WANT health insurance and can afford to pay their own bills and those without it for ONE DAY while changing jobs. This is a "standard con" used by politicians every day.

A RELIABLE INDICATOR: Obama’s words are a “reliable indicator” of what he’s going to do, and what is going to happen while he’s in charge. Not what he SAYS, but what he MEANS, which is usually just the opposite of what he says. When he tells you he’s going to do something, you can depend on the fact that just the OPPOSITE is going to happen.

“EVERYBODY AGREES”: “Nobody disputes it.” That’s what Obama always says when he tries a new swindle on us, but it is a lie. MANY people dispute what he says, but he just doesn’t hear them. I dispute it, and lots of important people dispute what he says. But he refuses to hear it. What a liar you are, Obama!

"OBAMA STOKES RACISM AT THE NAACP: In a recent speech at a NAACP meeting, Obama repeated all the imaginary slights spoken by the other “race baiters,” (including his well-known racist preacher) and was met with thundering applause. I thought electing a black (well, almost black) president was going to make racism “go away.” It has not. It has made it worse, with the president himself being the biggest “race baiter.” Jesse and Al aren’t gonna like this!

DON’T LOOK AT OUR RESULTS: Look at our intentions, even if we fail, which we usually do. That’s what all liberals tell us (not in so many words), and Obama does, too. That’s how they “explain away” their failures. Truth is, liberals have promised their dupes the world, but have actually delivered nothing. And all they look at is their “intentions” and they’re satisfied.

HURRY, HURRY! Get it done, NOW! Obama wants the health care swindle to be voted into law before congresspeople go home and find out what their constituents want and before ANYBODY has time to read the bill and find out what’s in it.

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