Saturday, July 25, 2009

Two Month Paid Vacation

Remember the Oklahoma state trooper who assaulted an ambulance paramedic after stopping him while he was on an emergency run with a patient in the ambulance? He got suspended and lost five day’s pay. Then got a “two month paid vacation” they CALL a “suspension. Which tells us the cops WILL be protected at all costs when they “go off the reservation” and commit an uncalled-for assault that could have resulted in the death of that patient. But the politicians and bureaucrats don’t care about that.

RIPPED FOR HATING MURDER: I never thought I’d be living in a country where a congressman could be “ripped” for being against the murder (in the womb) of a defenseless infant. But I am. “Kansas Congressman Todd Tiahrt simply told the truth about low-income Americans being given an INCENTIVE to use abortion instead of a rubber. Abortion is MURDER (but it is LAWFUL murder) and our LEADERS are criticizing our lawmakers for opposing it. Seems like that’s a decision he has a right to hold, to me.

“ONLY THE RICH”: When they foisted that onerous income tax on us way back when, they PROMISED faithfully that “only the rich” would ever have to pay it and it would never be more than 3%. At one time the top tax rate (for everybody) was 75% or MORE (until Reagan lowered it and nearly DOUBLED the “tax take”) and the IRS is now going after the TIPS made by waitresses and cab drivers! Now Obama says his latest “tax the rich” scheme will ONLY apply to the “:top 2%” who make more than $200,000 a year. Riiight!

SHAMELESS LIES: Obama tells them every day with a straight face. Like the one that he told about you being able to keep your health care insurance if he passed his health care swindle (if you don’t change ONE LINE on your coverage, maybe). I get really tired of having to listen to these lies because ALL the news media carries them LIVE. Even Fox. I’m getting sick of it.

STUPID PEOPLE: Obama was making a speech telling the usual lies, when a female voice in the back was heard to scream “we love you!” to which Obama replied, “love you back.” How stupid ARE the people in this country? I always wondered how Hitler gained his power, but now I’m watching the same scam here in my own country.

SOCIALIZED MEDICINE IS WRONG! Everybody is arguing every detail about Obama’s “health care swindle” except the simplest part: socialized medicine is WRONG and doesn’t work. Everywhere it has been tried it has failed-—much like socialism itself. It creates “rationed health care” right up to, and including, denying life-saving procedures for some people because they’re “too old.” That’s a DEATH SENTENCE for those people, but Obama doesn’t care. So long as his “pie-in-the-sky” power grab succeeds.

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