Saturday, July 18, 2009

Citing "Foreign Law"

Apparently Sotomayor is one of those judges who think it is okay to rely on foreign law in her decisions. Apparently she doesn’t know that there is ONE SOURCE she can legally cite in her decisions; the United States Constitution. For her to use ANY other source is a violation of her oath of office and SHOULD be grounds for impeachment and removal from office. I never thought it would be up to me to “instruct” a “learned jurist” on the law, but apparently it is.

SO WHAT? Ayman Zawahiri released another audio tape and the news media goes nuts. But I say, “who cares?” Who cares what the chief killer of innocent people says? I certainly don’t. They say the tape “is authentic.” So? Ask me if I care. But for the liberal media, Zawahiri would be just another bloody murderer running around in the mountains to avoid being caught.

THE OLD 80-20: I recently had to have a stent put in my heart, and it cost $22,000. Medicare paid most of it, but I’m being billed for $800. That’s $800 I don’t have, and am not likely to ever have. It was a “minor procedure” and that price doesn’t even include the hospital bill. That’s just what the DOCTOR charged! Governmental interference in medicine has CAUSED prices for EVERYTHING in the medical field to skyrocket! And now they’re using those “skyrocketing” medical costs as an excuse tom take over the health care business.

THEY GOT SUED ANYWAY: Judge Sotomayor ruled against firefighters who sued because their test results were thrown out by their fire department because no blacks passed the test and they thought they’d get sued. So they threw out the results and got sued anyway. Sotomayor was reversed (again) by the U. S. Supreme Court (without her yet on it). So what has that fire department gained besides some notoriety and a huge legal bill? The New Haven Fire Department threw out the results of a captain’s test that blacks could not, and did not pass because they were terrified that the “politically correct” people would sue them. So they got sued, anyway. A lot of wasted money and time, and the right result came about (unless they are appealed and it goes the other way). You “racist hunters” go ahead and call ME a racist for this

I JUDGE PEOPLE AS INDIVIDUALS! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I judge EVERYBODY as an INDIVIDUAL. Black or white, or Hispanic, Islamic, Jew, I don’t care. They all come before me as individuals and get judged as such. If they’re bad people, I’ll say so. If they’re GOOD people, I’ll say so. Whatever their color or nationality, or sex. So before you “racist hunters” call me racist, consider the above. Who IS the racist here?

PUNISHING THE GUILTY: Real “gun laws” should punish the GUILTY, not the innocent. Current gun laws punish the INNOCENT. They create a host of unarmed and defenseless victims for illegally armed criminals, who do not obey laws. A gun law should add years of prison time to those who use one to violate the law, not disarm average people who need guns to defend themselves. For my part, if somebody shoots me, I want it to be the last thing he does in his life.

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