Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not Their Job

It’s not the job of government to tell us what kind of light bulb to use, and back it up by BANNING the other kind. Neither is it their job to give taxpayer money to “big business” because they were “too big to fail.” That’s a scam to get the power to spend more money and tell more people what they can do. Primarily to get the power.

VICTORY IS NOT THE GOAL: That’s what Obama says about Afghanistan. How stupid is that? When you fight a war (as we did in Afghanistan) victory IS the goal. How can it be anything else? Sometimes I wonder about Obama’s sanity when he says such things.

“TEACHABLE MOMENT”: Professor Gates says he wants to use his tirade against a cop just doing his job to the point where the cop lost patience and arrested him for disorderly conduct as “a teachable moment.” Since he teaches students how to “fan the flames” of racism in college, I’ve no doubt this CAN be a “teachable moment.”

“REVENUE NEUTRAL”: That’s what Obama says about his health care swindle. But the only way it will be “revenue neutral” (the true meaning of the words) is to raise taxes, a LOT. “Revenue neutral” is supposed to mean it doesn’t cost us any money. But it will. It will cost us TRILLIONS. But if he can raise taxes enough to pay for it (impossible) it won’t cost the GOVERNMENT any money. Problem is, it will cost a lot more than he can scam out of us in new taxes.

WHERE’D HE GET THE MONEY? Obama has paid lawyers more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS’ to stop people who are trying to get him to PROVE he is eligible to even BE president. Who is paying for this? Obama? His election committee? The taxpayer? I’ll bet he’s as forthcoming about this question as he is about his place of birth. Obama could put this to rest by simply showing his real birth certificate, but he won’t. Why?

WOULD OBAMA WANT TO BE UNDER HIS HEALTH CARE PLAN? Naturally not. He is followed around by a doctor all the time, so he doesn’t NEED it. And that will continue for the rest of his life. Congresspeople aren’t. But they carefully made sure that NONE of Obama’s “big plans” for US would not apply to them, including his heath care swindle. They’re constantly making laws that apply to US, but not to them. Their “health plan,” for instance, covers them 100% and will continue to do so long after they are out of office.

PROFIT IS EEEEVIL! That’s what ALL liberals think. So Obama (who is a liberal) GIVES billions of dollars to outfits like General Motors and AIG so they can—what—make a profit? Isn’t there some kind of a “disconnect” here?

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